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When do you take yours?


I've just got back from my new Doctor in France and she went through my results with me.

She has put up my levothyroxine to 75mcg now not 50mcg and I have to go for a blood test in 6 weeks and a noninvasive ultrasound exam as well on my thyroid.

I have lost weight 19kgs since September 2015 which is fab news but my sugars in my blood is slightly high but still lost weight! So I have to watch my sugars in my food. But, most of my food is homemade.

So, when is the best time to take levothyroxine? morning or just before you go to bed.

I usually take it in the morning but I get up when I wake up as I don't work etc here. So it could be anytime.

Many Thanks Nessa xx

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When i used to take it, i would do so first thing in the morning on an empty stomach.

Thankfully i don't take the synthetic stuff anymore - it made me ill for years. I now use NTD which i take as a split dose. 2 x a day


Hi Blue, couldn't help but read your comment saying that Levo made you ill for years. Just wondering whether I need to swap after 10yrs but have never tried it.

What symptoms were you having to know it didn't suit you? When you moved to NDT, did you want to try it from research that you had done or was it prescribed? Do you have to start on a low dose and work your way up with regular bloods as you do with Levo? Sorry for the questions but I need to explore new avenues


If you take levothyroxine at an optimum for you, you should be feel healthy and well.

If people take a particular dose of levothyroxine it's just a straight switchover from one to another equivalent dose, i.e. T3/T4, T3 only, or NDT although there can be a slightly different way to reach an optimum level.


been on mine for 10yrs hon, but never really felt 100% because I was also going through the menopause so it's difficult for me to separate the two


I wasn't going through the menapause and it was complete hell on levothyroxine with even more symptoms than before being diagnosed.

I improved as soon as T3 was added to T4 but am completley well on T3 only nowadays.

I hope you find a solution.

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how come you don't need T4 and are only taking T3? Still lots to understand


You can't get it on the UK health service, I buy online. On levo I had gut problems, basically I had several of the side effects listed on the packaging. The binders and fillers did not agree with me and no matter what dose I was on, I was always exhausted. It took about 4 months to settle on an ndt dose mainly because the establishment hadscrewed my health up so badly.


I always felt worse on levo than when I was on no meds


The best time is what suits you. I take mine at bedtime because it's easier to time supplements that way. However, I didn't feel any different from when I was taking it in the morning. Some people notice a big difference when they change the time they take it. So all you can do is try it and see which suits you best :)

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