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Borderline Hyperthyroidism?

Hi there,

After block and replace therapy for hyperthyroidism a couple of years ago which resulted in stablising my thyroxine production, recent bloods showed that I had become 'termporarily' hyperthyroid post virally. A second test revealed more stable bloods, henece the 'temporary' conclusion by my GP. I am back to 6 weekly bloods and my most recent test (3 weeks ago) indicates that I am 'borderline' hyperthyroid. I wondered if there's anyway I can help myself nutritionally to avoid becoming hyperthyroid again ie through diet, supplements, avoidance of triggers etc.. Also, what does 'borderline' actually mean? I am currently asymptomatic.

Thank you!

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What about going GF? I'm also in remission from Graves, I developed inflammatory arthritis at which point I felt yet another autoimmune disease was just one too many so I decided to try being GF and I noticed that after going completely GF my antibodies seem to be decreasing.

I have to say didn't give it a very long trial because I was curious to see if it would work - I went gf in September and did a home test in December. I'm going to do it again at the end of this month and see if things are still good but the antibodies dropped, one came well within the range and the other that was tested, while still being too high was half of what it used to be.

So, GF could be worth a try, it's not nearly as daunting as it sounds - look at the HU Gluten Free Guerillas site. You should make sure that your vitamins D and B12 are at the top of their ranges and the same for folates and ferritin. I top up my B12 and D with Jarrows sublingual methylcobalamin and a Better You vitamin D spray but the folates and ferritin are fine. I go through spells of taking CoQ10 and a B complex and a high dose vitamin C. I try to eat a good diet with lots of vegetables and oily fish a couple of times a week.


Thank you, I'll give it a go. I'm a very healthy vegetarian mainly becaue I don't like meat and fish but I could force myself to eat fish. Thanks again!

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L-acetyl-carnitine of between 1000mg - 3000mg may help with hyperthyroid symptoms.

Lots on the net about it :)


Thank you! I'll have a read. :-)


Sorry I got the dosage wrong, it's 2000mg - 4000mg


Ok, thank you!


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