Mirtrazipine withdrawal

Hi has anyone stopped taking mirtrazipine Iv been on it for roughly 5 yrs I decided to stop it as my weight was going up and up and I'm on t3 and couldn't understand how I could lose 6lb then within 2 days even more on since Iv stopped it I've lost nearly a stone 7lb and kept it off then another 7lb since stoppin it Iv been off it for 5 weeks I went cold turkey but feel ok except for really bad nausea and also tiredness I had none of this while on them just wondered if anyone else has had this

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  • Never, EVER come off psychotropic medications like antidepressants cold turkey; it's just plain foolish and it's no wonder you feel crappy.

    I came off mirtazapine over a three-week period and was fine. I suspect the nausea and tiredness are to do with acute withdrawal. Did you consult your GP about this? I woiuld imagine not as no GP would recommend stopping abruptly unless there was a life-threatening emergency; weight gain doesn't count. With these types of medication you have to taper both up AND down to avoid nastiness. A bit like thyroid meds.

  • Yes I know you shouldn't just stop them and I would give the same advise u have given me but I knew the symptoms of just stopping them so I decided that's the way I want to do it I just wanted them outa my system it's not unbearable and it's been 5 was now only felt sick in the last 2 weeks and it seems to be passing now I don't regret just stopping them and to be honest most people go free a lot worse than I did after years on them thank u for your reply

  • Hi just read your post ,I recently came off citalopram due to gaining a stone in weight,I felt nauseas and had bad dreams for about a week or so,but feel much better now,also I feel david my senses have awakened,it makes you wonder what else these drugs do to us if they can make us gain so much weight.I hope you feel better soon.

  • Thank u I've been off them for about 5 weeks still feel sick and am tired constantly I wasn't before but the weight was a problem I feel so much better thou and am adamant I'm not going bak on them well done to you getting off them to

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