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Hi iv been hypo for over 6 years and I'm on 100mg eltroxin for most of the 6 years,3/4 months ago my levels where low so gp raised my dose to 125mg not long after I started having hyper symptoms anxiety,restlessness,sweats shakiness heart racing,I'm slowly getting Better after lowing my dose but still not myself at all still have bad anxiety just got my lab results done last week,don know what they mean could someone help.t4 free 10.5,TSH I I.29,cortisol 485 nmol,T3 1.51

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  • Welcome to our forum Clarepaul3, on St Valentine's Day :-

    First I will say that you were diagnosed six years ago but your TSH is higher than the cut-off point for being diagnosed.

    You are severely undermedicated, your TSH result should really be around 1 or lower. Yours is above the cut-off point which is 10 if we've never been diagnosed. You definitely need an increase.

    If the addition of more levothyroixine makes you feel more unwell after the increase, ask for some T3 to be added as I improved after some was added to my T4.. You will need several increases of 25mcg T4 to bring your TSH level down. Anxiety etc is a symptom too of hypo and also due to too low a dose.

    If you are not on the correct dose of thyroid hormones (levothyroxine or any others) it can result in more problems.

    It would be helpful if you have the ranges of your results above as labs differ throughout the country.

    When you have a blood test for thyroid gland, it should be the earliest possible and fast (you can drink water) and allow 24 hour gap approx between your last dose of levo and the test and take it afterwards.

  • Hi sorry I'm not really understanding so your saying I'm not taking enough eltroxin but when my gp upped my dose I went into hyper,would that not happen again because I never felt so sick when that happened,what do u think of NDT from what I'm reading it's suppose to be brilliant

  • Clairepaul3,

    As Eltroxin is no longer available in the UK, I assume you are elsewhere.

    People responding might be better able to help if they know which country you are in.

  • Hi yes sorry I'm in Ireland

  • Thanks - I sort-of guessed by mention of Eltroxin but there are various other Eltroxin products (no relation) around the world. :-)

  • Clairepaul3, Your test results definitely do suggest you need the higher dose that your GP has sensibly prescribed for you.

    The unpleasant symptoms you experienced as a result of taking the higher dose may be temporary, as your body can get confused for a while and not know what to do with the sudden influx of thyroid hormone that it's not used to having. It can take time to balance things out.

    What you could try, is to increase your dose more slowly. For example, try taking your usual 100mcg for two days, then 125mcg on the third day, then back to 100mcg for two days and 125mcg on the next third day. Do this for a while and see how it goes.

    If you feel ok on this regime, then try taking the 100mcg and 125mcg on alternate days for a while. If no adverse effects try the full 125mcg every day.

  • Ok that's interesting to know that I'm being undermedicated as I thought I was taking to much eltroxin as the symptoms I got were very bad i really don't want to go through that again of being hyper,I'm awaiting an app to see an endocrinologist soon

  • you need




    vit d3

    all to be tested because unless they are A:LL HALFWAY in their ranges your body simply cannot make any use of the eltroxin and you will experience T4 toxcity symptoms which you are mistaking for HYPER thyroid

    i suspect ferritin is low and you need straight T3 in the interim until all 4 of the above are correct

  • Thanks for the reply I did get my vitamin d checked and that was low so I'm on tablets for that,until recently I was getting b12 shots I'm not getting them anymore as my gp said I'm ok now,would it be wise to switch to NDT,any thoughts on this.thanks

  • the experience of the 5 hypos in my family is that NDT is better however levels of ferritin ,folate etc are still critical

  • Thanks I'm going to my gp today and get all this checked out

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