Levothyroxine increase

Wanted to say thank you to clutter :) saw GP who agreed with you about increasing my T4 rather than adding T3 yet :) I've been taking 75mcg of Levo and he has suggested 100mcg with 75mcg on alternate days :) which my friend did suggest a while ago ! .. He said should be able to bring T4 up so more to convert like you said :) .. Thank you again for your help xx👍

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  • Lynwinn, thanks for posting. I'm glad the advice helped and your GP has increased dose.

  • Yes he agreed with you and said best to try increasing Levo before jumping to T3 :) .. Just got to wait for it to kick in ? Trying to keep my stress levels down found a good book by Claire weeks that seems to help :) Thank you again xxxxxxxxx

    PS do you know if activis comes in 100mcg ?? XXXX

  • Lynnwin, yes Actavis is available in 50mcg and 100mcg.

  • Great thank you clutter I will ask for some 100mcg .. Save me taking 2 shame they don't do 75mcg it's a nightmare cutting them :(

    Thanks again xxxx

  • Hi, Have you tried a pill cutter. I have one from Tesco pharmacy it cost £2.50 and is magic for cutting even in quarters. x

  • Hi thanks Mango_555 I have 2 pill cutters one from Boots and one from a small chemist and they just break up :(

    I will get one from Tesco and give it a try ! Thank you so much 👍


  • My pleasure. x

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