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New blog post on gdfree - gdfree & processed sugar free baking treats - enjoy!


Blueberry & Coconut muffins made with coconut flour, coconut sugar, coconut milk and coconut flakes.....phew (oh and blueberries!) - easy to make.


Banana, Peanut Butter & Chocolate loaf cake made with coconut flour & coconut oil - a great breakfast treat spread with almond butter - hope you like it!

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Isn't coconut a bit controversial regarding cholesterol? I know many people with thyroid problems have elevated cholesterol. Just wandering. Anyone has any knowledge on the subject?


Gosh I don't know anything about that. Luckily I don't suffer with cholesterol problems and that really is lucky coz I seem to bake with coconut everyday practically! Just made some coconut and cherry chocolate brownies and they're baking in the oven making my kitchen smell heavenly!!


Do continue to enjoy it, if you have no cholesterol problem, perfect. I was supprised to discover mine has gone to 5.9 since being hypo, although my ldl is excellent. My friend raves about the coconut thing too and its because I know her cholesterol is bad enough to be on medication that I looked it up. Opinions are decided on the subject, it's not clear cut but if one has cholesterol problem, perhaps it's best to be cautious.

Happy baking X

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