hi all

just wondering if all hypothyroid people have trouble with sleeping at night and then wanting an afternoon nap at 10am.. driving me crazy.. no energy.. can't get on with living because of overwhelming

desire to sleep in the day.

at night i go to bed at 10pm and if i get to sleep by 10.30 i'm awake again for loo visit at 12.00 then have a small nap until 2am and awake for the rest of the morning so get up and have breakfast at 3, 4 or 5am for something to do. this has gone on for years but the afternoon nap only for a couple of years (now it's a morning nap) all very boring.. so sorry.. just wondering if i am odd or if other hypos are the same.

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  • I used to be like that . Then the adrenal saliva test showed that my cortisone levels were at rock bottom by 11am everyday, so i was ready to go to sleep.

    Have you thought about checking out. Your cortisone levels?

  • thanks galathea.. no, i haven't done that test.. i do take adrenal supplements but, once again, the GP's don't have a clue and i can't afford to go back to the naturopath now that i'm a pensioner. do GP's do it? ?

  • No they dont, as the test was considered fine for astronauts, in fact it was developed for them, but deemed to be of no use for the common rabble. (That's us)

    You can get a test for about £70 if you deal with the lab direct. Details under testing on the home page. Http.//www.thyroiduk.org.uk


  • oh, thanks again but I failed to tell you that i am in australia so it may be different here.. sorry to have put you to the trouble but

    do appreciate it.. will make enquiries re testing here.

  • Quick google led me to this site..... This is the same test and its availabke in au.


    Xx g

  • why didn't i think of that! Good ol' mr google! thanks again for that info... will follow it through. xx

  • Yes, especially if your meds are off. For me I definitely have low periods in the day. Try Melatonin at night to sleep.

  • will do, thanks for that.. used to use melatonin in a spray form from Dr Mercola in the US and it definitely helped but even though i could get to sleep without too much trouble I would keep waking up every 2 hrs. Will try again.

  • I used to be that way, then had parathyroid surgery and that stopped the trips to the bathroom. Since my thyroid was enlarged they took that out too. What helped me was the c-pap mask for sleep apnea. Supplies positive air pressure to keep airways open. Now with REM sleep and a little t3 I am doing much better. Have to keep my iron up too.

  • I was supposed to have surgery but after 4 specialists had a feel they asked me "what do you want it out for?" I had been told by my GP to have it out but they thought it was

    my idea... the only thing I can think of is that my doc thought it was the best thing to do due to the bleed I had from the nodule. Talk about confused!!! They really don't give a rat's a.... do they.

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