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Geopathic stress

After watching the video that had been posted on Geopathic stress I bought a book on it and some dowsing rods, I proceeded to dowsed my house inside and out. As we have underground springs running through our garden I fully expected to find something outside but to my amazement the lines carried on straight through the external walls of my house and I picked them up on the other side... I found them in every room! Scarily they went across my bed at breast level, I have always had trouble with Fibrocystic breasts and more recently benign lumps.

So next week my husband is going to buy some copper piping and we are going to have a go at de-stressing our house from the outside, I will let you know how we get on 🙂

Thanks for alerting us to this phenomenon...

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Cats like it, dogs hate it... Pets or other animals are good indicators. Can you not move your bed? Im surprised you are not restless or cannot sleep.


Hi Miffy, I usually go to bed early really tired and wake around 3-4 it seems from reading up on it, these times are related to GS, I usually wake with a belting headache, I will see if it's linked to this next week. Unfortunately I can't move my bed 😕


Let me know how you get on 😊


Where do you get dowsing rods ?

I was really interested in that article as well.



Hi Pp, I ordered them through eBay for just over £10, I wasn't sure if they would work but you can feel the magnetic pull as the rods cross. Another tip I picked up from the book I bought was degaussing yourself. In people who are sensitive to electro-magnetic fields, ie, a build up of static in the body, degaussing yourself is really helpful. All you need is an alternating motor and you have that in your hair drier, it doesn't matter what setting, once turned on you run the barrel of the drier over your body it needs to be done on a regular basis. (Just be careful if you have long hair that it doesn't get sucked in through the filter on the back) Make sure you haven't got any credit cards on you as it can demagnetise them. People who suffer headaches from working with computers can benifit from this, even people who suffer with eczema have said it helped to clear it up, now how true it is I don't know but it's worth giving it a try.

I will keep you updated...


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