living with Hypothyroidism

First off i find this website so relieving because its nice to know im not the only person out there.

I guess i always feel lonely and depressed, but just reading about how im not the only one living with this disgusting disease. I hate living like this my life changed dramatically ever since i first started getting sick.

My memory makes me sad because i just cant help it and i forget everything! i mean everything.

Today i went to get some groceries and i was trying to get some cilantro for some salsa that i was making and i brought home some Parcely, i forgot the onions and a bag of dorritos i was suppose to bring as well. I made a list to specificly not to forget anything i viewed the list like 10 times and i still forgot all that. i had bought a 24 pack of coca-cola and i placed it under the cart i did want to squish nothing. As i was leaving the store i placed everything in my car and i forgot the soda. when i get home i realized that i was forgetting some things.

I went back to the store to buy what i forgot to buy. I went back with my please dont forget nothing mentality. So i ended up getting everything i had to but another 24 pack of soda but wait!

the lady at the register noticed how i went back for the cilantro and another 24 pack and she told me i figured you were making salsa i was going to tell you about how you had parsley not cilantro but i figured it was non of my business, and she asked me if it was the same sodas i had earlier and i old her how i had left them under the cart and she giggled telling me how today is not my day, she tells me dont worry we all have those days, tomorrow will be a better day for you.In my head i was so great full that theirs kind people out there but what she doesn't know is i live with these problems.

i get home and realized i forgot the stupid Doritos! !m so mad how i do this stuff all the time! everyday its always something. I always forget my cellphone, i misplace my things all the time.

Someone tell me something funny because im soo freaking upset.

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  • don't worry so much about the ' memory forgetful things ' ..... I have a very good friend , who has other heath problems , who 'lost' his mobile phone ... couldn't find it for 2 days , reported it as stolen , ordered a replacement [ received the following day ] ..... and then duly found it IN THE FRIDGE -- where he had physically seen it at least 2 dozen times over the 2-3 days that he had 'lost' it ...... anyone that says they don't have them 'moments ' 'aint alive ..... how /why/when / did he put it in the fridge FACEING ANYONE WHO OPENED THE DOOR and not see it ???? .... its the foibles of life for all of us ........alan

  • This evening i went to the shop, and got to the till, to find i had forgotten my cards. I had to leave the shopping and go home to fetch them. Only when i got home i told my husband, who laughed, and handed over the cash. So i drove back to the shop and paid cash. So. I'm up on the deal.... My card is unscathed!

    Bonus.... Think i might do it more often... :-)

    Ps, i dont have too many hypo problems, i just forget stuff because.... Well, i just do..


  • Hi

    Could be worse at least

    when its things like that you are the only one who knows you have forgotten things unless you tell anyone.

    Yesterday went to visit a client could only remember her Christine name .Thought that's ok can get round this till I had to contact GP waiting on the phone thought surname will come to me but no. Had to turn to them very red in the face and totally embarrassed and had to say sorry can you remind me of your surname. As I am not allowed to disuse my personal issues with client had to explain I had a long day and thought I had a migraine coming.

    Thankfully they where very understanding offered me a glass of water and pain killers which made me feel worse .

    I had to giggle to myself when walking down the road when I left.

    I think we have no choice but to laugh in these situations if I didn't I would end up crying .

    Best Wishes Rose

  • oh my gosh that happends to me! i feel like its just something beyond me and i have to learn to laugh at it but sometimes i just get so upset.

  • I've had the same PIN number for ever, know it like my birthday but the other day in the supermarket I went to tap it in to pay and it a just disappeared from my brain. Had to leave all my shopping there which was embarrassing and crap as it's a 35 minute journey there!

    Hey ho.

    We have to laugh else we'll cry and what's the point in that.

    Just wish my husband would try and understand.

  • lol thats funny ive had to do that before aswell ive been at the store with all my groceries and just forget my pin i had to call my card company to change my pin and turned out it was my birthday as well. oh my its nice to know im not alone. My family is really understanding now more then ever, they realized how i do make the effort but these things just happen to me all the time. My sister suggested a sticky note idea, which works great untill you forget why the sticky note is there and why it says "Dont forget to go shopping" and forgetting to write down why i needed to go shopping. "oh the irony you win some and lose more" lol

  • I could share my very shameful moment again just to remind you, these things happen!

    One day I went to pee, very normal thing we do every day. I pull my pants down as usual and sit down. After a while I realised something is wrong. I had pulled my sweat pants down but not undies! So I was literally peeing in my pants.

    I am 36. I felt ashamed and did not want to tell about it to anyone. Few hours after I laughed at it, told some friends and family and laughed some more.

    Last week I had put cat's dry food in the fridge and sausage into dry food drawer. I have baked cookies in cold oven and so on :D

    Ps. I hope you are not drinking all that cola!

  • half way thro a wee i stood up (no idea why) and wee'd on floor!! it is an anxiety of mine now, when im not well i worry i will do it again lol luckily my bathroom floor is tiled!!

  • I laughed until I cried but not wee'd !!!!!!!------------ when reading the above comments.I fully understand having done the same things and got so embarrassed until I realised that I needn't tell anyone!!The wee bit is hilarious until it happens to you

    Now I have told ,but no-one can see my red face!!!

    I have also put my eye makeup on in the morning to go out and hours later realised that I had only done one eye and was wearing one earing!!


    Many bad weeks still prevent me from driving and one day six weeks after a thyroidectomy operation ( six years ago )I killed my husband's new car!

    I was in an underground car park and all of a sudden as I tried to pay for my ticket,the car started to move and I didn't know how to stop it.

    It was automatic which I hate so it was really the car's fault??????

    I hit the overhead barrier,very very slowly hit another car and drove into a solid wall!!!

    I felt such an idiot when a team of workmen came rushing to get me out of the car! I was fine and so were other people but the car was "put to sleep" at one year old! Audi TT sports car

    After all that, my doctors still refuse to increase my medication when I am aware I need it.I am "within average range" apparently

    Well that's OK I don't think!

    We laugh at our "accidents and forgetfulness" but it isn't pleasant to live through!!!!

  • its true what you say its all funny after but at the moment its not pleasent.

    I had just bought a used Honda Accura or something like that the car was green. i crashed in less then a month with it and it got put to bed as well. My moms car she had it for a week when i reversed and hit a pole i didn't see.

    i wasn't diagnosed with hypothyroidism yet but i knew something wasn't right with me. I wonder if its dangerous for every thyroid patient to be behind a wheel. well my family and everyone knows im the best but crazy driver out here. My family gets scared to ride in the car with me because i have been in 3 car accidents and weirdly non where my fault. It just happens.

    But i drink alot of coconut water and oil. Im constantly rubbing coconut oil on my neck and face; the smell is soothing and it really reduces any inflammation and my flustered swollen face and neck go back to normal.

  • Why do you use coconut oil and water?? How does it help hypothyroid??

  • :D luckily it is just pee. Not the end of the world!

  • lol your story soo funny. Today i just couldnt help to realize as i was putting on my boot it felt of-fly tight, i had remembered last time i wore them i tighten them up more, it has shoe laces and zipper, as i looked down at my foot i noticed that it was on the wrong side, my sister and mom were there but i didnt want to tell them what i did, anyways there use to it, i have a family of comedians and trust me everything i do gets turned into a joke lol i mean its funny but sometimes i feel like they think i do it all on purpose.

    Eventually my sister noticed hents that she was watching me. we both busted out laughing and her and my mother just stared at each other and laughed.

  • I cant remember the name of the pub we sometimes go for sunday lunch, its less than 5 mins walk from our home, im trying to look online for their number, I ask my husband the name of it, by the time ive sat down to look online, ive forgotten it, this happens 3 or 4 times!!!!

  • haha thats soo funny. But it happends to me with the same random stuff i use to be able to remember everything now im soo limited.

  • i forget stuff all the time, when i ask hubby something he rolls his eyes and tuts, then i realise i am repeating myself. I always have list but if im feeling tired and in pain, i just cant face doing all the things on list, so i just get emergency items and get home.

    My last 3 years were a nightmare and not worth living, i am getting better but a long way from well, the pain sucks the life out of me. The endo i saw was more concerned about the dangers of levo/heart palps than the side effects from huge amount of drugs i have been given for all the symptoms, some of which say not for hypo people!!

    My old mum gently asked me if i was getting early onset dementia because im so forgetful, half way thro a sentence i forget what im saying, walk into rooms with a blank face lol i couldnt read for few years as i couldnt remember what i was reading a few lines later!! it is certainly a very annoying illness xx

  • I can so relate to you because i forget thing so fast its insance. I started pushing myself to read and study things harder and if i forget it i reread everything again. It becomes stressing but i know im ge tting a littler better. Ive been reading everything from top to bottom and as i read i read aloud not that loud that everyone can here me but to the point where i can hear my own voice.

  • Hi, i totally get the lose of memory thing, my family are always shouting at me because they tell me something but then i forget, but then i am not sure if it is me forgetting or have they actually told me this...hmm..

    I agree about this website being great, i feel so much happier now that i found it. I was quite down and out before i found this site, because you do feel so alone. I don't know about you but when i was diagnosed that was it, i was given the medication and told to get on my way, there was no support from doctors at all.

    The only advice i can give you is when you are feeling down and along just come on this site and say hi let us know how you are feeling, i always find there is someone else out there who needs a chat.

    Hang in there :)

    Joie x

  • your right thanks for the advice! I actually made it mandatory for myself from now on to come on this site daily and just chat and share my stories and of course read every single story. I was told the same thing for a while as well. I was giving Methimazole and i was sent out on my way. The Doctors told me the my anxiety and depression wasnt coming from my thyroid because my levels were not that low but i couldnt understand why i felt like i lost control over my body. When i was striving at the gym i was trying to burn fat and build lots of muscle but i just couldnt like the normal person.

    Okay i think i went off topic. lol but point being is Doctors dont always care so we have to care for ourselfs.

  • You are not alone I can't count the times I've been upstairs stood on the landing wondering what I went up for. Car keys - searched everywhere when I got back to the park even going back and walking round the shops again. Put my hand in my pocket and there they were. Just put it down to mind fog which it is and don't worry.

  • My youngest son used to sometimes come home from his journey to school up to 5 times because he had forgotten different things - only when he was in his late twenties and went to Uni and did a standard test they discovered he has dyslexia which often causes the memory problems - he feels much better about it now it has been recognised and to be honest is less forgetful. Might be worth looking in to!

    Love Sheenah

  • thanks for sharing but i dont see dyslexia characteristics in me. Ive always been really smart and a fast leaner my problem is i forget things. Im sure all these symptoms came along with my thyroid disorder because im not who i once was before.

  • It's not funny but it is a clinical symptom of hypo. I think you need your medication/dose looked at. We are embarrassed at the time but it's beyond our control. We have to have sufficient T3 for our body to function properly, particularly our brain which has the most receptor cells. We have to be on an optimum level of hormones for us individually. The whereabouts of the TSH shouldn't be used as a diagnosis but in conjuction with our blood tests and symptoms.

    "I am not a medical professional and this information is not intended to be a substitute for medical guidance from your own doctor. Please check with your personal physician before applying any of these suggestions"

  • your right! Im actually waiting for these pills ive orderd online there all natural herbs and work perfectly for hypothyroid.

  • The most alarming thing I've forgotten is which way round nodding and shaking your head go. I leaned across the table to agree strongly with what someone had said, and had no idea whether I was doing it right.

    I'm quite encouraged by all these stories of people going out and about, making return journeys to places and going up and down stairs! I'm too sick to do most of these things, and never quite know how much better people do get. I guess I avoid most of the embarrassment, too, as I just lie back in the bed and leave things till tomorrow if I don't understand or can't do something.

  • Its fine for some reason i cant say left because the word eleven always comes out. Im just like why and how does this happend. i know what you mean about the sick part because ive been there too. what i started doing to help me feel better is coconut oil i drink it and rub it on my neck and face it really helps im also a big coconut water drinker. You will honestly feel much better when you start doing this. you just have to get use to the taste and remind your self its for your best intentions. I hope you feel better

  • you wait until you get to the menopause, it gets worse :). By the way, I don't think you are helping yourself drinking Coca Cola, soda and eating Doritos !

  • lol i know i dont but ive just been getting this craving for soda. thanks for the worries.

  • I totally can sympathise, have felt like this at times and get overwhelmed. Its like brain fog/ poor memory/ cant concentrate . This is what I found works for me. To eat well and regularly. Every morning I take a zinc and a magnesium supplement about eleven with my snack. In the evening I take a vitamin b complex and evening primrose oil, then I take my thyroid meds before bed... Since starting this I feel on top of things, clear minded, more organised, less forgetful... Please try this for a few weeks and see does it make a difference. Dont be too upset.. You're you and thats just as good as everyone else even if your forgetful Good luck. I hope things improve

  • i love how you mentioned your you even if i forget everything. its fu nny because its true ive always been the person everyone is scared to sit next to because i might drop my soda and try to pick it up and end up dropping some else soda along with the table and blinds. yes! its happend to me before haha its funny now but at the moment i was just like why does this always have to happen to me!.

  • I forgot to mention, I was looking for my glasses, it took me quite a few minutes to realise I had them on!!!!!!

  • i did this with my cellphone i was using it as a flashlight to look for something then went on a panic attack because i though i lost my phone because i couldnt find then i got a call and my flashlight rang.

  • Have to laugh at the above comments 😂 . I have had a awful 4 months with my thyroid problem resulting in 3 brain scans many blood tests not wanting to drive the list goes on ...... But having found this site has really helped me , I have suffered with a under active thyroid for about 15 years with the usual symptoms brain fog , period problems , low iron , aches and pains ,anxiety , depression etc . Finally I am seeing a endocrinologist and have being diagnosed with low vitamin D and he wants me to see a neurologist so I am getting somewhere slowly . Their are a lot worse things to live with and i am now feeling life is for living , keep strong and enjoy what you have . I have bad weeks/days and good weeks/ days which is something I just take as it happens now and respect the bad days but finally I have a fantastic husband who helps me every step of the way . Keep posting and reading it can only help and I wish you luck . 😇

  • Nothing to do with thyroid, just a story from my past. We had a black and white goat that used to be kept in a back paddock. On this particular day the front door bell goes and two police officers are standing there. One says 'do you own a black and white goat?" Ermm, yes I replied. Well we have her in our mini van. We were driving down the dual carriageway and we saw this cyclist exercising what we thought was a Dalmation dog. When we got alongside of him he starts shouting HELP this goat is chasing me! They told him to stop and so did the goat, she had got out and found a 'friend '. She had a collar on with phone number and address. Once they'd told us the story we all just burst into laughter. I can still picture that poor man pedalling for all he was worth to escape the goat. Hope my story goes a little way to cheering you up.💐

  • hahaha i would love for a goat to chase me

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  • thats awesome i didnt know that.

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