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Slow Heart Rate Does Not Increase Risk of Heart Disease

Bradycardia – a slower than normal heartbeat – does not increase the risk of developing cardiovascular disease, according to a study conducted by researchers at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center. The study is published in the Jan.19 online edition of the Journal of American Medical Association Internal Medicine.


My normal heart rate has been around 50 for ages, so there's hope for me!

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My husband's pulse is often 32 but that's normal for him.

For us, hypothyroiders, a low pulse rate is due to low metabolism and when on an optimum our pulse should come back to 'normal' between 60+. If it goes too fast we are overdosed.

Temp is usually below normal as well. Temp /pulse are good guides to know if our thyroid hormones are doing their job or at an optimum although temp might not come back to what it used to be. A low pulse suggests that heart is struggling due to not being on sufficient hormones.


Praise the Lord!! I'm in with a chance then!😊


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