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T3, T4 and dry skin

HI All

Am on my last ditch attempt to get the right doses of the above. Have cut my Levo from 87.5 to 75 and introduced 6.5 mcg T3 and so far, am doing well and have felt quite my old self, cheerful and lively.

However, my skin and whole body feels Very, very dry and I am wondering if I should have sustained the Levo at 87.5 (which was never quite enough) and just added the T3 to that.

Which should I increase - T4 or T3 ? Any ideas very grratefully received

Thank you

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Daffers123, Not possible to comment without seeing results on 87.5mcg or on the combination.

It can take months for skin to respond to good biochemistry. In the meantime using exfoliating mitts and moisturisers and oils will help.

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