I'm beyond depressed

Another whinge I'm afraid.

I've had a tough old life, I've had major trauma as a child and two major traumas asa an adult... I've faced my fears, beaten alcoholism and quit smoking...I've taken care of me, spoken tot the right people joined the gyms done the yoga and gone gluten free....I've eaten the right foods and make fresh home made meals...

Yet my mood thickens...to a black treacle like depression which is simply sucking the life out of me...I no longer find any joy in the things I used to love...everything is like trying to swim in solidified mud.

I have everything I ever wanted , I've achieved a great deal too, a great home a wonderful hubbyn2 great kids, I got my degree as a mature student....yet I can't work right now because I feel so bad.

as each day arrives I wish I was dead!!!! Seriously!!! I really really do...because if this is as good as it gets I'm < -------- >

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I am hypothyroid and I'm struggling...I've waited a year to find some releif, but still I'm suffering...

I've out on weight my hair is literally breaking and falling out, im chronically constipated and feel like I'm living in a freezer despite the wood burner going on full pelt....everything is a chore, even brushing my teeth makes me cry....

And cry I do...every day I am crying..aching joints, feeling heavy cold tired and ready for death...I'm ready!!, bring it on!

If this is as good as it gets I' can't cope....I simply cannot cope with being like this for the rest of. Y life...battling with doctors who know nothing.

If anyone mentions antidepressants I'll vomit.....treat my symptoms!!! For gods sake I just want to feel better....but I hold little hope. How many more years does this go on? Should I just stop tablets and let nature take its course I wonder how long it would take before my body stopped altogether? ......I'm simply done with this crap 😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟

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  • Hi I felt I must reply to you before I try to get some sleep. I don't have great words of wisdom like some people on here but I hope just knowing someone has listened to you may help a little.

    I too have a great husband and 2 great kids who must be really fed up with me being like this because I know I am. We have to keep going and we will get better.

    You were able to get a degree as a mature student - something I have wanted to do but have been too ill and too scarred to try. Not to mention all your other achievements So well done and use some of that determination to keep going on with this.

    If you need to cry - go ahead I know I do, it's nothing to be ashamed about, vent your anger too. You are entitled to feel this way but don't think this is for ever, you will improve we just need to keep looking for that 1 thing that helps us. Its out there we just need to keep going, as there are success stories on here too. Yours might be one of them soon.

    I wish you well on your journey and hope things look a little brighter in the morning for you . Good luck x

  • Thank you lovely really...thank you for such a lovely reply xxxxx

  • Bioluminence, I'm really sorry to hear you're feeling so bad. Sounds like you've tried a lot of things to get better, however I believe there's always something out there we may have not yet tried that will make a difference. I suppose you are familiar with many of the supplements such as inositol, 5HTP, aswagandha, 80-90% dark chocolate, vitamin D, B12, magnesium, curcumin..... There are so many herbs and supplements worth looking into. I personally have found 5HTP, inositol, aswagandha and outdoor exercise to be helpful. Obviously what works for one may not work for another, and good research and caution is always prudent.

    There's no doubt that getting out of the dark treacle is a difficult and slow process. I hope you can somehow keep your chin up and keep trying - maybe you could give a quick summary of what you have already tried. Hopefully others will provide suggestions that you may have not tried or looked into yet. I've also realised that sometimes things take a little time to work, and often we give up too early thinking that it is not going to work.

    Bioluminence I hope your journey to a more joyful life begins soon. Wishing you good luck and better health :)

    (I should really go to sleep now)

  • Thank you so much for your lovely reply xxx

  • vitamindcouncil.org/health-...

    So sorry you are feeling so poorly. Have also read your earlier thread of three days ago. How much VitD are you taking - were you given loading doses as you were below range ?

    I read that your Iron is low so am assuming your B12 is also. Are you supplementing ? B12 - when low can also be a cause of low mood.

    Also am wondering about your diet - as it has been well reported of late that the gut can affect our mental well being. We are what we eat and of course when you are feeling so poorly it must be difficult to eat healthily.

    You have achieved so much - keep celebrating all the good things....

  • Can we say F****ed on here..i sure hope so. I will respond tomorrow, because i'm tired, but i have had a very traumatic life myself and it never stops and now i have lost my health, but stress is a huge killer and i'm not surprised my body finally gave out.

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  • Nope you can't use the f word sorry don't get me started on that ...rules is rules and I ain't here for aggro πŸ˜”

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  • Sorry that was me using profanity I was simply saying how it was and never meant to offend...xx

  • Oh..i use it [profanity] often, here at home! It seems to make the pain better..did you notice?

  • Lol always? πŸ˜†

  • not tonight!

    Are you in the US?

  • I felt like you a few years ago,am now feeling a lot better,not quite there but better.Stress is my problem as well as thyroid issues, and blood pressure.Now on Prazosin tablets for blood pressure, they are also used for PTS. Look them up on Internet. Still not used to them, they make me dizzy.Talk to your doc. You need help. I have got a terrific young doctor who I can talk to .Am taking thyroxine,magnesium,b12 injections ,every 3 months, B vitamins. Vi d ,vit b.iron tabs or Spatone. Every morning I go for a walk whether I feel like going or not.I find I always feel better.Try to keep busy,even if it is only cleaning out cupboards. I also take a neighbors dog plus my sons dog with me.We look after our sons dog during the week as our sons works long hours.When I am feeling depressed I think well the dog needs me,so can't do anything drastic,also have a sick husband who needs me.Good luck to you.I also eat 2 Brazil nuts a day to help with conversion from T4 to T3. Did try T3 but got chest pain with it although I did feel terrific on it.

  • Thank you lovely....this is all great fun isn't it....I was suicidal last year, only because I'd had enough...I told the doctor last week yes I'm still suicidal.....so you better treat the thyroid issue and the depressions will go.....

    Guess guess guess...what else can we throw at this patient to get her out of my office? I have lost what little faith in the.m I had...I've yet to meet someone who isn't winging it....doctors included....

    Thanks for your support and glad you are feeling better x

  • Great website: mercola.com and might be worth getting B12 levels checked as that can dramatically effect mood b12d.org Good luck :-)

  • Mercola is well known to be scientifically inaccurate and to use unsupported, non-evidence based information. It's really not a good site to get accurate information from.

  • Sorry, but beg to differ! A friend's child has severe Crohn's disease and aged 13 was facing an irreversible colostomy operation. With 2 days to go they changed their diet to one recommended on mercola.com and in that short time made so much progress that the operation was cancelled. They continue to follow the diet, have grown in height and are strong and healthy. Medications have gone down from 15 to just 1. Good luck :-)

  • I'm so very happy for your friend's child. Anecdotes are not evidence. All I'm saying is be wary of putting all your trust in a site that has been proven to be scientifically innacurate.

  • That's interesting - please let me know more :-)

  • Thanks - will have a look at the links :-)

  • I appreciate your willingness to hear another perspective. <3

  • Thanks a lot for the links - they are interesting. Respectfully, (only one opinion) but I do continue to rate Mercola highly - he appears to be willing to listen - acting with integrity and good intent. Many articles highlight environmental concerns which I feel are very important. Best wishes :-)

  • quackwatch shouldn't be taken seriously.

  • Hi Bioluminence I have not posted a reply for a long time but felt compelled to respond - I did not reach the point you have but am on thyroxine and am now gluten free after being diagnosed with coeliac disease - strangely enough after a year without gluten my medication is being reduced! But the key thing is I was beginning to shut down energy and mood wise but it was caught in time by my dr who made sure I had the right tests - but all sorts of things can trigger thyroid problems and it sounds as if your issue has not been addressed - can you possibly find a medical practitioner and get help with further testing? Guys on this website PLEASE HELP - it may help if you say where you live? Take care and I wish you strength God bless

  • Thank you lovely.....I'm done with doctors I can't find one that's any good or who gives a rats ass? Xxxxx

  • Please tell your GP how you really feel. Ask to be referred to endo (ask thyroid uk for names of endo's near you). Then request all the blood tests mentioned here in readiness of appointment. You need a good endo who will listen to your story . Try putting down your medical history, with how you felt at the time. Do this in format that you can give to GP and endo. Our problems can look like a real puzzle and good doctors like a challenge. Please don't think you are responsible for this depression, see it as a medical problem that doctors , with your help need to find some answers. I was so down and desperate last summer. I pushed to see a good endo. I felt so much better after seeing Endo, who came up with some ideas as to why I was feeling so ill. He assured me that I had a medical problem, that might not be easy to find. I believe my GP was somewhat surprised, however I feel the medical profession treat me kindly now and respect that I need help. No real answers yet, but taking it slowly and accepting that I need to give my body time and not stressing I can see steady, albeit slow , progressive. My family and friends are being very supportive which is wonderful. Please get help, you are worth it. Best wishes.

  • Thank you sweetheart for your lovely reply...I have changed docs already and these are worse than last lot...no wait...can't be worse than last lot!! They didn't blood test me after the initial test they just kept upping the dose!!! Ha ha ha !!! I've not faith I them.😟😟😟

  • Depression is a terrible thing to live with on top of all your other problems. I agree with all of the above and find yourself a doctor who will listen and support you. If not try then try and find a support group or counsellor. I never wanted anti-depressants and have managed to avoid them. The odd session has always helped me.

    I am near Maidenhead if it's any help? Good luck and keep your chin up, focus on the positives. Xx

  • Have you been tested for Anaemia & Vit D and do you know if you're Thyroid is optimised yet? I would do the Blue Horisons Thyroid +10 test, plus Vit D test (don't take Thyroid med for 24hrs before the test).

    Whilst I agree GPs are too ready to peddle Antidepressants where there may be underlying issues, such as Thyroid or Anaemia, there are cases where they can help, even save lives.

  • Hello lovely, yea I've asked docs for help but they don't k wow what to do or suggest, they have no idea if my thyroid is properly medicated it's like playing darts in a dark room after drinking a bottle of cherry liquor! You feel sick and you have no idea where to go next.....

    I guess I'll have to do more research myself and try and sort it myself ...docs are useless.

  • Order the Blue Horizons Thyroid+10 test (Β£89 with discount quoting Thyroid UK)


    Take out all the guesswork.

    Report back here with your results.

    Don't take Thyroid med for 24hrs before the test.

  • Hi Bio..

    Please don't give up... I have a graves .. so not equipped to give you the correct advice

    but youre about to be flooded with replies from all the clever people on here who will shore you up with their knowledge !!

    Don't you dare give up... you have people in your life, who, when they see you get better, will celebrate with you because they love you.

    Of course it's not easy living with someone who is ill... they don't know what to do

    to make you better... but with the correct advice you will achieve much .

    stay on here and LISTEN and DO .

    I wish you all the luck in the world XXX

    . tuck yourself up today and stay cosey

    and turn on you computer and ... LEARN ...


  • I made thanks for your lovely reply and the good wishes xxxx

  • Thyroid UK has a list of private doctors who may be of some help.

  • I assume you are on levothyroxine ?

    What dose

    What blood test results do you have ?

    If all of them are correct then its likely you need to do what my lot did

    Order NDT online and start to recover your health

    you clearly are seriously wrongly or undertreated

  • Nope apparently I am over treated on NDT, despite being on this stuff for 3 months now my t3 is too high and they told me to cut my dose and to get tested in 4 weeks....I'm still massively hypothyroid!!! So what now? Are we getting into the murky area of reverse t3? God my doc would t know what that was!!!! Sorry feeling really despondent πŸ˜”xxxx

  • Heartbreaking. Please go and see a naturopath - preferably female for your issues and also a therapist. Life is worth living for yourself and your family. Please go and see a naturopathic doctor hon.

  • Trouble is we have limited funds...I have to research who to go to...we are looking.. I wanted a recommendation...but I'll research first xxxxx

  • Yes please see a Naturopath. I wasted 4 years seeing endos and GP's

    After seeing a Naturopath I am finally on TRACK and feeling better and lost 10kg SEE A NATUROPATH (I would trust my naturopath before my GP or endo and I am medically trained as a RN and used to think "what would a naturopath know!!!) I am in South Australia. Where are you?

  • I know this is a Thyroid forum, but it's wrong & dangererous to assume (& advise) that EVERY ailment is Thyroid related.

    Yes, OP needs to be sure her Thyroid is optimised, but she also states she had issues with Alcoholism. She could have neurological damage & compromised Serotonin production / re-uptake.

    I know if I felt 1/10th as bad as OP describes, yes, I'd be making sure Thyroid/Anaemia were right, but I would definitely try Antidepressants for 6-12 months. Along with CBT.

  • Hmmm I was a heavy drinker, I've seen a lot of people with brain damage caused via drinking, I worked in drug and alcohol arena I was parked on anti ds for many years and became addicted to them as you naturally do......

    It took me a year to get off them......many people need vit b12 supplements when they are drinking...I do not believe that because I used to drink and quit 16 years ago I need anti depressantsπŸ˜†

    CBT has its place also.....but right now I don't think that's going to cure my physical ailments

    I k ow the drill I know what to do....and I'm doing everything I can to help myself......I'm reliant of guessers now to sort out what medication I k we'd for my thyroid....once that's sorted I'm sure I'll feel better?????

    Maybe I should go sit in a corner and shut up maybe??? I am after all a middle aged perimenopausal woman.....

  • since seeing the naturopath - she found out I have the MTHFR gene (not absorbing Vit B12 and feel better know on Follinic Acid and Methylcobalamin) , haemochromatosis (too much iron and hi ferritin levels - have 3 monthly blood letting) , MY GUT has a candida overgrowth and I am on strong probiotics and special candida diet plus doing paleo too. I am also oestrogen dominant - my stupid GP put a mirena in which I bleed thru anyway and as traumatic as it was having that put in I am going to follow my naturopaths advice and have it out soon. Please do yourself a favour and go see a NATUROPATH. THEY KNOW.

    MY ENDO REFUSED TO PUT ME ON THYROID EXTRACT. After I convinced my GP to write out a script for USP thyroid extract within one week I had more energy. But yes my RT3 is high as are my antibodies. You must face your dramas. No one else will take ownership for you. please find the strength to do the research.

    Start following Dr Isabella Wendt and Magdalena Wszelaki

    best wishes, Paula

  • get yourself a Blue Horizons Thyroid +10 test. Β£89 with discount quoting Thyroid UK


    That way you'll know exactly where your Thyroid is at, along with B12, Ferritin, Folate etc..

  • i have felt like that twice in my life 'if this is it, is it worth it' in 1995 when i had a break down and last year when i was in so much pain and so ill with my untreated thyroid. My thyroid was removed 7 years ago and i went downhill after that, i have been fobbed off by drs until last year i started to self treat, things are looking up and i know i will get better, nothing like my previous life of work,fun an parties (i know my life style was instrumental in my breakdown and prob contributed to my thyroid packing up)

    Its bloomin hard work and i still have times when i feel the joy is being sucked out my life. I know that 2016 will be a good year for me and i have booked holidays, nights out, spa days and sports days over the year, this is the most hopeful i have been in some years, so it is possible.

    I doubt this will help your feeling of hopelessness but i just want to say i have despaired and got through it so it can be done, day at a time as us recovering drinkers say <3

  • Thank you bit lie that's hopeful!!...yes I'm doing lots of research into how I can help myself..arming myself with knowledge and support from others is helpful

    I'm angry and frustrated at the lack of knowledge from doctors when this is obviously such a common problem?

    I'm currently researching local private Drs who specialise in this stuff....only I w at to arm myself with as much knowledge as I can as not to be fobbed off...I also need to give this med another month before lighting the touch paper!!! ☺️

  • I used to have all these symptoms too when I was on synthetic thyroid meds (Synthroid). They all went away when I switched to natural Armour Thyroid and started on vitamin supplements (b12, Vit D, multi vitamin, iron, vit C).

    I think T4 wasn't converting to T3 on the Synthroid.

    There is hope. Try the Armour!

    And read the website "Stop the thyroid Madness". You'll see these are all symptoms of low thyroid and not converting

  • I agree with everything Piper says. Same thing happened to me on a bad brand of Levo and at too low a dose. I felt like I had about 2 weeks to live and could hardly walk. I felt that I should spend my last two weeks desperately trying to get on the right meds at the right dose. I hobbled embarrassingly round two places in the hospital asking what I could do and finally "thought like an American" - go to the money office. I told them that I was paying for treatment and that they were killing me! There was no time to beat about the bush - they got just the simple truth. I told them I was so weak that I needed attention right now - and they did it! The solution was not 100% at first but at least I got some of my strength back to soldier on. I fought for Armour thyroid (an NDT, natural desiccated thyroid) and within half an hour I became pretty much normal, I even felt happy.

    Don't give up. There are solutions out there, you have a treatable medical condition just as many of us on this site have had. Please believe us, there are solutions.

  • LAH says her symptoms went away right away. I finally got my mother to switch from Synthroid to Armour after her being on it for more than 10 years. The first night after taking the Armour, she said she didn't have leg cramps (which she'd had for years) and was able to sleep through the night for the first time in years!

  • Yep, it took me half an hour from my first Armour pill! I first noticed that when I reached out for the TV remote while waiting my one hour to get up for breakfast, there was no pain in my fingers. I noticed that the swishing sound in my head was reduced to a faint whistle. When I got up I could swing my legs over the side of the bed without horrible pain in my thigh muscles and then I noticed that I could walk across the bedroom to the bath room without having to hold onto anything. For me it was a miracle drug and now, a year later everything is pretty much the same, just a normal life.

  • Hello have the book and the armour!!! Apparently I'm over medicated my t3 too high? I'm still symptomatic ve lowered dose and have to be retested that'll be interesting..in the mean time I'll put up with the misery,...have to say some days are better than others...xxxxx

  • You have had lots of great advice, but one thing I will add is if brushing your teeth makes you cry - don't brush your teeth. So much we are forced into living the life we used to live, doing the things we used to do, and keeping up the same front we had before we were ill, but just doing it limping along.

    I am a massive believer in just resting, forgetting about all the extras, turning the lights out, staying in pyjamas for days, and not feeling guilty about it. Then only add in anything else as long as you feel you can manage it. Other people's expectations (and your own expectations if you expect to do the same you did before you were ill) be damned.

  • I agree and I do all of the above.....only I was used to high energy levels I got up and went but now I'm down to just scraping by and I HATE it 😟xxxx

  • I find that adjustment hard, too. I was 33 when I got ill and very active. Now I've been largely housebound for nearly 3 years, but the weird thing is that my brain still works the same way. It still believes I can do it all - even hears a song on the radio and thinks I can get up and dance!

    The most helpful thing for me is to think something I was determined to stick to when I was waiting for my cancer diagnosis, that my life isn't destroyed, it's just really different from what I thought it would be.

    It can be really hard :( It's helpful for me that I was thinking that before I even found out I was sick, when I didn't even really believe it would happen. But at the same time then I knew nothing about it. For all I knew I would be dead by now, or far worse off than I am today.

  • After 3 years? They can't treat you? Why can't they treat this massively common problem?.....cancer granted on top is a massive blow!

    I've actually felt so low I believe that death would bring the greatest releif!!! Not jaunt to me but those around me too!!

  • What no doctor can tell you because they never ever test you is what your natural levels of thyroid etc were when you were fit and well

    Some people full of energy and life may naturally have levels that are way at the top end of the ranges yet they are fine

    Thus when they get ill the docs will only talk about "normal" levels

    What is normal for me may never be normal for someone else

    On NDT blood tests simply cannot be relied on then you have to treat on symptoms

    There may be thyroid hormone resistance and then you would need very high doses

    The Prof who 1st diagnosed my husbands hypothyroid said he had a few patients who needed 800 mcg of thyroxine yet time and again their doctors would insist on cutting their doses and they would land up back at the Prof feeling awful again

  • I do understand the feeling of hopelessness in life while struggling with so much discomfort. I do myself feel like pressing a button to self explode at times - with thyroid and neurological pain issues.

    It is up and down though and the goal is to keep it down - from all this advice, and a lot I have found helpful for myself, the treacle will once again be more light and you will be able to move better.

    The body is amazing, don't give up on it and always try to prepare it for better times. Creativity now for later, and when your ready to nod off, it will be peaceful for your next journey whatever that is.

    Just a side note, my life has been much better on the right NDT but even that is a personal thing maybe.

  • Bioluminence

    Hi. I hear you. I have been there, tried hard all my life but still go there at times (less often and for shorter now, but it is horrible. Struggle with little relation to what is happening. Like trying to live but being shackled. In my case, like yours I suspect, it comes from complex PTSD. Early trauma. It does sometimes feel like we cant live and not being here would be easier, but it does pass and it must have done for you at times to have achieved so much and have a lovely hubby.

    I have unloaded a lot of stuff to a psychotherapist recently. good, but not always an easy option as layers appear to surface and cause havoc at times but as I don't have a partner it has been useful. When I take a good b vit, plus B12 and niacin and start taking more care to do the liquid trace mineral supplementation, juicing, gf etc it does help. I have recently added magnesium as all this stress depletes it.

    A very good interview on YouTube with Andrew Saul introduced me to high dose niacin as in some people are niacin dependent. It did help although doing it when I feel rough doesn't always happen which is a bit useless on my part! A little can make you flush at first for a while, but that soon goes.

    I know it isnt the whole answer, but suggest you listen and try if it makes any sense to you. Natural treatment for depression explained

  • HELLO THNK YOU,,! Yes I'm deffo going to try the b complex supplements starting tomorrow!!!

    I also take baths in Epsom salts so get plenty of magnesium..I juice daily so get other trace elements and vita mins I think the gut issues are hindering absorption so I'm manly gluten free too....I'm trying I really am!!! Xxxxx

  • I do hope you soon feel better.I had a lot of problems for quite a long timeMaybe you should ask to see a good endo.

  • I'm copying one of your posts here for reference:

    "If my tsh is low ft4 normal and t3 high....? Been on 2 grains armour for 4 weeks and I feel worse than ever today. So tired very depressed contipated masses of hair falling out.freezing!!! I'm in bed now with two fleeces on and a heated blanket!!.. I did read it could be high cortisol that t3 isn't being absorbed?

    Doc said Lower the dose of armour medication as t3 too high??? But why am I feeling worse and worse?

    What can I do? Leave things as they are? Doc said go back for another test in a month. Do I have to suffer like this for another month? Has anyone actually got sorted out on their medication???? Is tw as good as it gets? Feeling more hopeless daily....

    So willing to pay for treatment if I know there someone out there that will help!!!

    How exactly does cortisol be treated? Can it be done with diet? Supplements!??"

    I'm just going to go with a few first thoughts, since you sound so ill that loads of words might not compute.

    1. What mad you decide to take Armour?

    2. What dose did you start on?

    3. were you taking Levo or anything else before?

    4. do you have any blood test results to post?

    Some people don't do well on Armour (I did to start, then felt s***t, then felt better with Nature-throid.) Some natural dessicated thyroid products suit different people. Sometimes we can start too high or take the dose up too quickly.

    Your symptoms appear to point to being under-medicated, but NDT alone can be tricky, as can T3 alone, T4 alone or mixed with NDT or T3, depending on manufacturers or how your body uses them ... You may do better on a mix of NDT and Levo - I am for now, but am making sure it is not Levo produced by Mercury pharma.

    This is a long haul. You may feel depressed for a while, in which case your thought processes are going to be fogged and skewed. I take St John's Wort at high doses when feeling low. Antidepressents saved my life, made me feel better than crap but were too 'heavy'. For low to moderate depression St J's Wort works at least as well and often better.

    There's nothing wrong with relieving the symptoms as long as you keep working out the cause - which you obviously will. I'm asking the questions so that we can start to get a picture more in the round.

  • I was diagnosed over phone initially after a blood test, Theyntold me I was sub clinical? they stuck me on 150mcg In 6 weeks, I ballooned put on 2 stone and felt ill,I went back they gave me HRT and more antidepressants.....I ballooned even more and had constant bleeding..nice eh??? So I simply told them to eff off and stopped the lot!!! Not once did I speak to same doctor not once did they see me face to face......in fact one of the doctors there was struck off for strapping ecstasy to his balls to smuggle into a rave.......but was reinstated????

    Oh well such is life.

    I leaned about NDT from a friend, I started on it reluctantly last year I'd spent a glorious 6 months cold turkey coming off the above lost 3 stone and felt OK but then crashed around end September and symptoms came back with a vengeance!!! Stared on NDT have been seen by docs who are preoccupied with my mental health....I told them to let ME worry about that their job is to help me stop feeling so sick!!! Take away the hideous symptoms by treating the thyroid and I'll be able to cope with the depression!!!

    I've been on it now for 3 half. Months but t3 is too high tsh normal and t4 normal....I was told to lower dose and go back for test in a few weeks...

    I'm going to try the vit b supplement s xxxx

  • I don't want to add to your problems by asking too many questions. You are really unwell and it would be hard for you to read and assimilate too many many responses and make sense of all the different advice on here, so I'm going to ask one or two questions at a time and there are a small number of Expert Patient on here who will be able to follow my drift and/or chime in and advise you.

    1. What dose NDT did you start on?

    2. Do you have a recent or recentish blood test?

  • I started on 1/2 grain and after 4 weeks went up to 1, there was still no relief after 618 weeks so I put myself up to 2. Doc reluctantly agreed. Went for last blood test on 4th Jan

    Serum free triiodothyronine lol xaer 8.0pmol 3.5-6.2/l

    Serum free t4 xaer 9.6pmol/l 8.0-12.0

    Serum tsh aell 0.36mu/l 0.54-4.25

    I'm now taking iron as that is low and I'm deficient in vitamin d

    I'v just got some vitamin b complex it can't do any harm....

  • I was told to lower the dose so I've gone back to 1 grain and have to test again in 4 weeks....

  • I really feel for you having been through this and still seeking help i thought i was just fed up of life it self had enough of all the pills i take too, but there is good sound advice out there for what ever is causing your depression. I was diagnosed with emotional dysregulation, cyclothymia and bi polar 2.. im now on epilim 500mg and citalopram 40mg... which to say im doing ok now... fingers crossed things continue . all im saying is dont give up when you need help its out there hun.. go get it......... xx take care xx

  • I hear you ☹ I know exactly how you feel xx

  • Hi Bioluminence

    I won't add on to all the other good advice and echo Really-fed-up...every word. Start with the simplest thing, your thyroid levels, because your symptoms SCREAM under-dosed to me. Among the hardest things I have found in this journey is doctors' either not knowing enough, not listening and or unaware of the full range of symptoms, or always erring on the safe side of lab test results over clinical symptoms...which covers the other two, anyway.

    Good luck and keep the faith

  • I'm incredibly sad for your feeling of such helplessness. I have been in a bad place through health problems, but I am through it now. Please take a look at the link below because I feel sure this would help you. I have read lots of research on this topic and it is where I'm going next. Although I have had massive successs with homeopathy already. Both treat the person not the symptom.

    Good luck. You CAN do this.


  • I think most of us on here have felt like this at some point during our "diagnosis & treatment" of this nasty condition. I can remember feeling as though I was just grinding to a halt, everything felt such an effort. Even getting up in the mornings was so hard. I have felt better since getting my low B12 diagnosed, so I'm on injections for that. Also discovering my VitD was very low, and supplementing that too.

    I can't do strong exercise, but I enjoy Yoga and walking. Please don't give up, imagine how your husband and children would feel.

    It sounds as though your thyroid isn't responding to the medication you're taking.

    I've recently had a trial of adding in some T3 to the Levo, and that helped a lot of things, the feeling cold, brittle hair and nails, and constipation. I'm planning on sourcing my own from abroad, as my GP won't prescribe it.

    So hang on and keep going, I wish you well, and hope you will find something on here that will help you. Best wishes MariLiz x

  • Also forgot to mention I am nearly 80 and also got Emphasema and PA. like you I also used to smoke and drink.Havent smoked since I was 29,too late,it had already caused problems.No longer drink,can't stand the hangovers. I am now back to baking and cooking,didn't want to do either for a long time,lost a lot of weights,went down to 47 kilos and size 10, used to be size 16. Now back up to 54 kilos and size 12. Want to stay at this weight.

    Am making Anzac biscuits so I get oats to stop constipation,enjoying them as well.Also make sure I have my yogurt every night.Could now be here quite a while longer now.Wasn't wanting to be here for a long time.

    Hope your feeling better today with all the replies you have got.You see people do care. I have found out over the years when you are depressed there is only one person who can help you,that is yourself.Got to think I'm alright,there are a lot of people worse off than me.Just watch the news and all the starving people in the world,especially the little children .We are really lucky.

  • Aqyes I have a small altar where I mediate daily, I have a gratitude jar and intentions cards I write all the things I'm grateful down, I also write what I intend to do on each day and work towards achieving it....for example , I will spend some time painting today!!! ☺️ I look for the joy in everyday I was having a bad bad day yesterday I'm like it wheni get tired and we spend a lot of time feeling tired..... I guess it's partly my age I'm 50 and I'm going through changes...but it's a lot to do with this hideous condition.

    I do all the right things go for walks, cook good meals, list to music , keep busy, rest, and all the other positive things..but just lately I've been too exhausted some days to get out of bed.... I'm used to being able to do so much it's like I'm floored....

    I want my life back.....I am grateful for my little universe and I'm eternally grateful for everyone who has messaged me here it makes me feel connected!!!! I'm not alone....so thank you lovely and thanks to everyone else too xxxxx

  • Haven't read through all replies so not sure if this is relevant.

    I take Armour and have fully recovered on it. However, the timing of the dose is crucial.

    At the beginning I was gradually increasing my dose and felt great up to one and a half grains but as the improvemen faded, any higher dose and I felt awful.

    My adrenal saliva test showed low early morning cortisol. This was important information. I needed to support my adrenals. I started taking an early morning dose and a mid morning dose and BINGO! I felt great and stabilised on one and a half grains.

    Have you had an adrenal saliva test?

    Are you supporting your adrenals?

    I'll give more info if you like once I get your response.

  • Also, do you take NDT on the morning of your blood test? It's recommend not to take it as that can give a false high T3 result.

    I found that gut healing has been a big part of improving my energy. I eventually have removed dairy, egg, soy and gluten. I eliminated them and reintroduced not actually expecting a problem with dairy or egg but felt awful when I ate them again.

    I can recommend a very good probiotic. Eating fermented foods is fab for the gut. One last thing...do you drink coffee? I absolutely hated giving up coffee but have found I digest food better and don't suffer bloating without it. It is very detrimental to the adrenals. I get signs of dehydration with only one cup per day. I'm now finding one cup on the weekend, Saturday and Sunday is fine, thank God!

  • Oh Bioluninence, I feel for you, I am like you too. I asked my shrink to bump up my antidepressants which she willingly did. She wants to see me in a month to see if I'm too hyper...too hyper...I wish. Care about you and will follow, there has got to be the light at the end of the tunnel! I promise..,

  • Bioluminence, I am so very sorry that you are so depressed that you just want to die. Believe me, I have been there. Please don't ever give up. I hate to mention it, but I did have to take antidepressants for a few years until I finally got a hypothyroid diagnosis. When I got optimal on my thyroid meds, my depression went completely away, and I got off the antidepressants. Please please PLEASE find a good doctor who will do you justice. They are out there somewhere. You probably need more thyroid med, or perhaps a different kind. There is always hope hidden amongst the depression. Please seek it, and don't give up. Your life is very precious!!

    I am not an administrator, just a member who cares. Someone with credentials will answer you with better advice.

    Your post just caught my eye, and I feel for you very much.

    Best of luck, and good wishes.


  • Bioluminence, I didn't realize that you had already gotten so many wonderful replies when I posted. See how many people care for your well-being? I hope that makes you feel some better at least.

    One thing that I really want to mention is to NEVER mix an antidepressant with St. John's Wart or some of the other natural supplements out there. I made that mistake, and talk about being sick...


  • Sending you some hugs.. have you tried prunes for the constipation? Mine has been bad lately and they helped me today. if you have iron defiency anemias sometimes you need infusions because it's very hard to absorb.

  • I understand your pain and frustrations

    I too find it difficult to find the joy in things ,and used to pride myself on being an optimist,you know brush myself off and start again but not so much anymore.

    i too have had childhood trauma,and adult constant in my life .

    I feel for you as it seems never ending ,What keeps me going are my friends,my children and my desire to enjoy the moments

    I just literally take one day at a time

    and listen to MY body what it needs,and try to noursish it

    be kind to yourself

    Regards Jan

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