Hi just wondered if anyone knows if a goitre can be misdignosed? Have had a swelling in my neck for years & I know it's just not right !! I now have a lump on the side of my windpipe too. The swelling was scanned about 10 years ago & was said that its gristle !!

I have lots of health issues terrible choking episodes & my thyroid t4 is 11 ( range over 12 ) but my tsh is normal . Any advise greatly appreciated 😃

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  • Craword1961, a goitre is a swelling of the thyroid gland. Lumps may be nodules. Has the lump on the side of the windpipe been ultrasound scanned?

  • No as it's fairly recent but will mention it nxt time I go to dr

  • Crawford1961, if the lump has appeared suddenly you should make an appointment with your GP for it to be examined.

  • I will be going to dr this week so will tell them then

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