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Tsh normal but shaking like i have parkinsons disease

I know many people have said the same and i have just read the wonderful advice on here about speaking to my gp. I asked for more tests than tsh but he refused. I have another test in 3 weeks and he said if still normal i may have to see neurologist but i am certain it is my hyperthyroidism back again. I took carbimazole for 2 years until my results returned normal. I feel its the endo i should be seeing again. Has any one suceeded in getting more tests done? Thanks everyone in community for help in the past.

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Do you have a copy of your TSH results with the ranges for comments.

I am hypo but others who are hyper will respond. I don't know why he doesn't refer you to Endo first who can then refer you to Neuro if necessary. Why is he waiting another 3 weeks? This is an excerpt from Thyroiduk

Tremor and Shakiness: This generally occurs in the hands. It may be difficult to hold a cup and saucer. The tremor is obvious with outstretched hands. You may feel an inner tremor too.


This is an excerpt:-

I do not have Hashimoto's, but with mild hypothyroidism (possibly caused by radiation treatments for acne way back in the '60s), you and I are in more or less the same thyroid-problem boat. There was a time when I had such muscle twitching in my calves that it sometimes felt as if I had a colony of worms moving around in each calf. My calves were not the only place in which I had twitching, but it was the most dramatic there.

I already had a years-long history of problems with muscle pain. For awhile, I had pronounced problems with my calves cramping at night. The muscle pain and twitching co-existed with some classic perimenopausal symptoms, which probably is part of the reason that my thyroid problem flew right under the radar screen of more than one smart and caring physician.

All of my symptoms crept in while I was in graduate school. I limped along (literally!) with no more medical care than what was available at the student health clinic. Then when I was out of school and had a job with good medical insurance, I wanted to have my symptoms assessed. I thought that they were hormone-related, but I wanted to be sure, and even my new gynecologist, when I presented him with a list of muscle and "neurological" symptoms from the previous few years' time, was a little nervous about whether I might have a demyelinating disorder (such as MS).

I am writing with the encouraging thought that it is possible to have really scary symptoms that are entirely hormonal and quite harmless. I was thoroughly assessed, and all of my wiring checked out just fine. That was several years ago. I wish that I could take the next step and tell you that your muscle pain and twitching are entirely related to your Hashimoto's, but as a layperson who is at a distance, I cannot know. What you describe sure sounds like a piece of my medical history, though, so I at least can tell you that it is entirely possible you have nothing wrong with you beyond having an out-of-whack thyroid gland.



If theres a fine tremor in your hands when you hold your arms out fwd then its likely HYPERTHYROID do you have diarrohea ,lost weight,jumpy like a duracell bunny

However if its internal shaking and tremor after any exertion its more likely hypothyroid and adrenal stress do you also feel cold ,tired,put on weight


Thankyou for replying . I feel the tremor in my whole body. I also feel very hungry like im starving. I dont have diahreah but do need to empty bowel a lot. My gp wanted to wait a few more weeks before my next blood test because its only 5 weeks since my last test (tsh only) was normal. Its midnight and im wide awake again. Thankyou for reply.



does rather sound like it might be Hyperthyroid or real adrenal stress

are you gluten free ?

has anything else in your diet or life or meds or vits changed ?


Thankyou for reply. I will ask for print out of my results. I havnt actually seen them. Please see my next reply

To reallyfedup123'


Lesson number one: having an NHS gp tell you your results are " normal" is meaningless. They will always say they are normal. You need to always get your own copy so you can see where in range you are. Saying that, nsh ranges (like nhs gps) are useless. I need a tsh in minus figures to feel well. TSH is a poor indicator of thyroid health. You need t3 tested but nhs wont do it

I can tell you now your gp will say in the next round your tests are "normal" and it's in your head. You could get your own tests done - to incl t3. Also, if you control and manage your own health with your own meds, you can get well sooner as you can dose according to symptoms.

Just speaking from personal experience. I hate to see people have their health mismanaged by ignorant NHS gps. It's a travesty.


After finding this group i am no longer relying on nhs results. I will carry on going private via blue horizon and have the full 10 done. Have learned from here u have to find your own way now re thyroid

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