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neck looks good

Hi After taking levothyroxine for over 15 years I quit taking it as of 12-10-15.

I lost over 100 lb. over there last 9 months to get to my normal weigh.

I also consumed 200 grams cannabis oil in the last 9 months.

I am still afraid, My body started to reject the levothyroxine.

meaning I cant hold it down.

but body seems fine.

I need somone to tell me I am going to make it though this.

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Welcome to our forum hotdoc

We need a little bit more history. When were you diagnosed - what was your dose of levothyroxine. Can you get a copy of your latest blood test results with the ranges and post them for comments.

It is rather foolish to stop levothyroxine as it can have a serious affect on all of your other organs, heart in particular plus mental health. I understand, of course, why you stopped but you must have a proper thyroid hormone replacement - otherwise the consequences are that we die prematurely. It is a daily dose of thyroid hormones for life.


Hotdoc, are you in the UK or the US? Because that changes the date. Did you stop taking it in October or December?

If December, then it's too soon to tell anything.

How did you lose the weight? Naturally or through rigid dieting? What's the cannabis oïl got to do with anything? Do you mean you vomit when you take Levo? Do you vomit when you eat other things? I think we really need a lot more detail to be able to help you.

Take care. :)


grey I bet hotdoc is in usa as she as said she lost 100lbs and we say stones and lbs and ounces, and she hasn't got back to you yet so she must sleeping while we are awake. I have an appoint ment soon for the next growth in my ear wish me luck x

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Well spotted, BP!!! I hadn't picked up on that! :)

My dear, I wish you all the luck in the world with your appointment. I shall be keeping my fingers tightly crossed! x


Your body is healing and you will be fine! That's your body saying stuff this rubbish I don't need it!

I would try a little Chinese medicine to clean up the body more and see how you feel.  If your body is saying alright don't need it  that's your body saying alright I am feeling better now. What next? Oh give me lots of nice food 


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