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fluctuating blood results with graves

I hope you good people can make sense of whats going on with my graves in may 2015 my blood results were T4 13.6 TSH 0.23 I was taking 15mgs of Carbimazole and felt ok (well as well as you can) so my GP said to try and reduce my dose

to 10mgs within a few weeks I started to feel ill again shaking tremours and very unwell I had another blood test in Sept and my levels had jumped to T4 17.7 TSH 0.02 so again on his advice I increased to 15mgs after a few weeks I did feel better but as I didn,t want to become hypo I titrated between 15mgs and 12.5 every other day this seemed to be working then I nosedived a little so introduced more carb to 15mgs my bloods in Nov had come down T413.7 TSH 0.12 but my hair became very dry and brittle and lifeless now I have lost most of my crown hair which is very distressing my last bloods were in Dec 20 2015 T 4 12.4 TSH 0.19 my GP said all was normal so why do I feel so bad again I feel anxious and tired at the same time, I know this sounds silly but the reason I did not want my T4 to drop to low (which it did last year) to T4 9.00 because I had very bad joint and muscle pain , as I already suffer from scoliosis of the spine , so I found that reducing the amount of Carb helped, my big problem is I don't seem to find a dose that keeps me keep steady I wondered if the fluctuating doses of meds I have been taking could be responsible for my hair loss and I,m all over the place, I would be so greatlful for some advice

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You might be one who feels better using modified block and replace. That's where you pick a fixed dose of Carb, because it keeps the Graves' in check, but you also take levothyroxine to keep your thyroid levels up. There's a more detailed explanation here:

And yes, you can experience hair loss, joint pain, and anxiety when thyroid levels are too low. Taking a steady dose of both Carb and levo should help you stabilize.

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