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Endo at Salisbury... Anyone been?

Hi all,

A friend of mine. ( actually i met her on this forum.... She lives just round the corner from me). has asked her doctor for a referral to Salisbury rather than the local hospital.

I heard Salisbury was ok but the doc wants a specific name before she will write the referral

Anyone seen the endo at Salisbury? Can you pm me please.

Thanks in advance.


As galathea as requested replies via private message in line with posting guideline #25 please. Thank you. Admin.

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Galathea, email louise.warvill@thyroiduk.org.uk to see whether there is a member recommended endo at Salisbury.


Thanks, never thought of that..... Will do it now.



Hi Galathea, hope you dont mind me contacting you. I am trying to track down  fellow suffers in or around the Salisbury area and came accross a few posts from you that suggested you might be one!

Would love the chance to meet up with people who understand the struggles...is there a Salisbury group? and did you find the name of the endo?

Hayley x


Hi Haley,

I am in Weymouth but can travel.....  And no, i didnt get the name of the endo......   I think my friend might have done, but last time i saw her she was feeling a bit better......

Xx.  G


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