Pip or disability?

Hi all, a friend of mine asked me if I'd ever thought about claiming pip (which is now taking over dla)

But I replied saying I'm not disabled, I also have an inner ear disorder causing vertigo, I was awarded the care component of employment support allowance in 2012 , I suppose my question is has anyone who's not bed bound or house bound successfully claimed?

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  • I guess it's a personal thing as to whether you would label yourself as disabled and to what degree your thyroid issue affects you badly enough to be unable to function at a reasonable level? Usually if it's well treated,well managed,most would be living life free of anything that could be described a disability. of working age/ currently in work/ unemployed/retired etc,etc all add to the mix to make the decision I suspect. Personally those I know who have hypothyroidism who are of working age- are working and can manage it.1 is on job seekers waiting for work,but not claiming a disability.

  • I suppose I shouldnt have really asked this here, wasn't the correct place, I've also been diagnosed with a vestibular dysfunction causing severe vertigo, I can't even have Xmas decorations up because they 'irritate' my eyes , I've put it off for so long as people say how hard it is but I genuinely could not work as I am.

  • from a personal perspective , I feel that you should -- with the help from someone , I used my local association , that know exactly how and what to enter and where -- complete the relevant forms for ALL AND ANY benefits that you are entitled to [ there are probably a few that you are not aware of now ] .....providing that you complete the forms correctly and without ' flowering the info up for your case ' ---- which these people can complete the forms on your behalf in front of you .................I currently claim dla and was turned down after putting the same info on the same form [ in a different place - there are several places to answer the same question on the same form - ] and was turned down ......... so long as you don't try to lie or hoodwink the system you will be o.k. === and pip is not replacing dla [ disability living allowance ] it is replacing a number of other benefits which encompase all together , but dla is active until retirement age [ providing it is claimed and awarded before retirement age

  • Ah thank tou! I mean some days I'm 'OK' if far from disabled but there is no way I could work, 'chronic fatigue' and my vestibular dysfunction can sometimes leave me incapacitated for days!!! But other times I can manage a bit!!!

    I need a lot of help with my kids too!! Id oppose they can only say no x

  • I have no idea who to ask to help me fill forms in though x

  • A bit of misinformation there, PIP is replacing DLA nothing else. You are able to claim PIP whether you're working or not.

  • Hi Alan

    DLA is no longer available for new claims so PIP will need to be claimed for anyone under the age of 65 .

    Depends on your age if currently claiming DLA if this will be changed to PIP cant remember the date of birth that is exempt from change but it is on DWP website.

    I think you are thinking of the new benefit that is be rolled out across the country I have gone brain dead as cant remember the name but it will be a monthly payment that pays all your benefits in one lump sum including Housing Benefit and Council Tax Benefit .

    Hope this helps


  • your quite correct rose , but , this 'new ' system -- at the moment -- will ONLY apply to new claims .... and NOT existing claims , which will be dealt and paid separately as per normal [ until they move the goalposts ] ....... in other words existing claims [ including those that were applied for before the cut off date and not finally closed or completed ] ...... but I believe that the cut off date was about 2[ish] years ago ......if you had submitted your claim , for example d.l.a. , before then it will carry on as a separate and paid claim from the new payment system and not come under ' universal credit ' .... under the old system anyone could apply for d.l.a. up until the date of retirement pension date [ which is why someone that is in receipt of a pension can still claim dla separately ] ......alan x

  • Hi

    Alan I think it must depend on the area you live in as I have clients who I have supported to change from DLA to PIP and most of them unfortunately have had to fight for it,

    Also here we are in the process of getting ready for clients to change to Universal Credit as we have been informed it will be rolled out to all clients within the next 2 years

    Anyone born before 1948 will not be changed from DLA to PIP

    I think they are trying it in some areas first.

    Why o why do things have to change

    Best Wishes


  • Hi Alan

    Brain back working all benefits will be pain in one lump sum called universal credit .


  • You do not have to be bed bound to have a disability. It is a legal not medical definition. Look at the Equality Act online for full legal definition of disability

    I successfully proved in the pre-hearing of an employment tribunal that because I have hashimotos and PA i have disabilities.

    A disability is any long term condition that affects your ability to do day to day things on a daily basis - the legal "measure" is applied in terms of how you would function WITHOUT medication, not with.

  • As far as the DWP and ESA is concerned if you have a medical condition that is well managed with medication you will be deemed fit for work.

  • I qualified for the care component of esa x

  • Nat do you mean the care component for DLA or PIP, if you've been changed over. There isn't a care component for ESA, you're either in the Support Group or the Work Related Group. Get some help from CAB or Welfare Rights to help you sort your benefits out. In the meantime there is a lot of good stuff online to help you understand them.

  • Thanks pippa, well they tried to put me on job seekers, but I couldn't work, I couldn't even leave the house!! So I appealed it, and had to get an assessment on my health, they claimed me fit, I appealed it, win the appeal hands down, was even apologised to that it had got as far as appeal!!! Anyway I would have been claiming 'incapacity benefit' but they changed that over to esa!! I'm sure they told me I had a care component, I have more money than standard esa recipients x

  • Thank you Blue daffodil!!! I'm worried sick over this, I do not know how on earth I would work and if I'm honest we cannot live on one wage! And keep a car on the road, which is essential at the moment! Thanks!! I have to try!!!

  • Hi

    Any new claims will be PIP not DLA

    You can claim PIP up to the age of 65 after 65 it would be Attendance Allowance you can be working any hours and still claim PIP .

    PIP is paid in two parts Care and Mobility

    For care eliminate you need support with Personal Hygiene ,toileting washing ,dressing ,cooking ,prompting or managing medication, Support with managing finances and interaction with others .

    Mobility if you can walk and manage to go out unaided you are unlikely to be awarded it .

    However you have nothing to lose by trying. phone claim helpline they will need your NI number, date of birth .bank details and your medical details and address.

    Form will be sent out to you Age UK or CAB will help you complete form .Keep a diary of how your day is and you will be surprised how helpful this can be .Give as much information as possible using extra paper if needed .

    You will be called in for a medical and then most likely be turned down, however asked for a reconsideration if this is still then turned down appeal .It will mean you will have to go to court but most cases are awarded at this stage.

    Good idea to have your GP behind you as they will need medical evidence from him or any consultants you are under .

    Hope this all makes sense Good Luck


  • Thanks rose, I rung this morning gave the details they are sending out form!!

    Some days I can do things unaided, some days I can't get out of bed!!! I do not know how I'm going to feel one day to the next!! I will contact cab to help me fill in forms, a mobility car was mentioned too! That would be an amazing help for me and my kids :-( x

  • Hi

    That would come out of the mobility element of PIP and you will need the high rate for that.

    Just make sure you keep copies of the application form and any paperwork you send in .

    When answering questions base it on your worse possible day and if things fluctuate from day to day mention this as well also if you can get supporting evidence from someone who knows you well that will be helpful.

    As you are on ESA in the support group already that will help with your claim .

    I take it that your partner is working

    How about Tax Credits Child or working ,Housing Benefit, Council Tax

    Benefit if these are applicable.

    If your utility bill is in your name it may be worth contacting your electric supplier and asking about warm front discount again this may or may not be open to you as I don't know your circumstances but if applicable will give you £140 off your bill.

    You may be able to get a disabled bus pass ask for details from your local council.

    Keep me posted and fingers crossed.


  • Thanks rose!!! Well myself and hubby parted parted, we were constantly arguing so he moved out

    We are still together but living together was proving difficult

    So I was able to claim the benefits, however I cannot manage on my own any more, I need him so he's moving back in so of course all my benefits will stop

    Working tax credits will help but won't be able to claim anything else, now if I was well enough I would get a job! Unfortunately this is not going to happen as I am hence the pip claim!

    As for public transport free bus pass I simply cannot travel on public transport, with the motion sickness I get travelling is horrific, I'm bad enough in a car ha!! Thanks so much rose x

  • Good luck

    I hope things work out for you


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