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Made a super cake yesterday

Had to post this, one of my girls, came out of hospital on Thursday, had both jaws broken, so can't chew, but she loves my lemon drizzle cake, and homemade custard.

I thought that I would try coconut oil and kerrygold butter instead of all butter, and what a lovely light cake it made, she said my best ever.

Next step, going to use all coconut oil, of course Virgin coconut oil.

Will continue my experimenting making Christmas cake with it, and gingerbread, and try to cut down the sugar level. Even going to make coconut butter myself, looks easy peasy!!

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It sounds absolutely lovely and I could just do with a big slice to go with my coffee.

I wish your girl a speedy recovery as it must be very painful for her to have both jaws broken. You definitely need 'sweet' when suffering as it does lift the spirits somewhat.

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You sound a lovely mother.

Why don't you try Palmyra jaggery sugar sub it is all natural but very nutritious.

Hope your daughter soons recovers😊


Goodness me, never heard of it, had a bit read, very interesting, will defo go to the Halal and get some..

Think that it will be a great addition to my Christmas cake, and gingerbread, and Catherine will love it, oh and so will my other 6 kids, I have a hoard of 7, and 2 grandchildren so far, more next year!!

This is why I love this place, you get lots of good info, thanks a mil!!


Wonderful! When using coconut oil, is it a 1:1 ratio switch?


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