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Ords or hashimotos

cant remember where i read this last night but i should have bookmarked

someone said they have a small thyroid with no goiter and elevated antibodies and ords got mentioned

my thyroid was small at scan 2 years ago, antibodiies elevated and no goiter

now i dont know what i have

all dr and endo ever told me was end stage thyroiditis, inflamation at time of scan

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Hi mandy72. I looked into this myself a while ago as I have high TgAb and no goiter. From what I remember, Ords seems to be defined as antibodies with no goiter , tends to present with higher Tg antibodies and is more prevalent in Europe whereas Hashimotos is associated with a goiter and tends to present with higher TPO antibodies although it seems that pretty much all autoimmune thyroid and thyroiditis are referred to as Hashimoto's

According to my endo, the fact that I have high antibodies doesn't mean I have a problem. I gave up arguing and went down the self medication route like a lot of folks on here.


What is Ords?


Go with your docs. I think Ord's is a very rarely used old-fashioned name for a subsect of autoimmune thyroiditis, and nowadays Hashis is what you have with a small (atrophied?) thyroid.


I have the same my endo told me last week it's not just hashimoto its genetic more like ords but basically the same . He just said you have autoimune Tyroid decese


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