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whole adrenal vs adrenal cortex?

I have been looking into Solaray's Adrenal Caps which have been getting great reviews. However, it contains whole adrenal along with cortex. Some recommend avoiding the adrenaline in whole adrenal when treating adrenal fatigue. However, since the adrenal glands normally produce adrenaline as well, I am not sure why that is...does anyone know the pros and cons of taking whole adrenal, as opposed to adrenal cortex only?

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Anna69, I'm sorry you've had no replies. Feel free to repost your question.


Hi anna69

How have you got on?

I have Hashimotos. I am looking for adrenal cortex only. The reason is because although my adrenals are stressed, when the saliva tests were done , all of my readings were too high. I have been taking NAX as recommended, now 4 a day but it feels counter intuitive to stimulate when I actually need to calm them down. The book, stop the thyroid madness, which I can't summarise because the info is so extensive and specific ( worth getting if you don't have it already or they have a facebook page I believe) agrees the treatment needs to be different. So , I am looking for a cortex only product, to avoid taking adrenaline. It is so complex and I may still not be on the right path with all this. I have just found a great page in the STTM book about the conversion pathways from cholesterol to hormones ( seems to explain why high cholesterol goes hand in hand with Hashi's). Going to get to the bottom of it before I go ahead and supplement with cortex only. What have you found out?

thanks Sue


Also, waiting to get some feedback about a product called Dr Wilson's Future formulation adrenal rebuilder, they say they remove the hormones from the glands. Not sure what that means but if I hear anything conclusive I will re-post :-)


Please keep us updated, it would be interesting to know!


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