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Root cause of my hashimoto's. Yersinia enterocolitica antibodies high from 1993 to 2003. ( Elementary, says Sherlock Justiina) :P

I ordered all old blood tests ever done. I did know I have had yersinia enterocolitica antibodies 2003, when psychiatric ran the test. She did write me referral to endo , but I never heard from that.

Today I received the results of blood tests done before 2003 and found out I have had yersinia enterocolitica antibodies so high 1993 that it was considered recent infection. Funny tho, no one ever told me, nor my parents. At that time I had bad infection in my knee and ended up having high fever every second month. For years I was on antibiotics and the last course 1997 for sepsis finally cured my knee.

Having antibodies for that long, according to one doctor means one has autoimmune issues. Well... I cannot link that answer here as it is in Finnish, probably more in English but I only needed to find that one to confirm it. That doctor also said in cases like this tests should be run as long as antibodies are found, that patient should be closely monitored. Yeah sure, none of the doctors I have seen has anything to say about that!

This cannot be a coincidence.

I have no idea whether I still have yersinia enterocolitica antibodies, but during those 10 years the damage done might explain why I do not get better.

This information does not cure me, but makes me feel a bit better, there has been nothing I could have done, this is not something I did to myself. Maybe all those antibiotics for knee infection prevented me to fight Yersinia Enterocolitica. My stool test 2015 revealed my microbiota never bounced back from antibiotics taken 15 years ago! I am now doing my best to fix the situation, but as I have been ill for so long I do not think it is possible for me to recover naturally.

Just wanted to share this with you. For me knowing the reason for my health issues is sort of a big deal, I can be merciful towards myself and continue fixing myself step by step until I find a good doctor understanding these things.

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Hi Justiina, like you I wonder about antibiotics. I have had more than my fair share in my life and have just found out after five years of old GP denying this, that I have Candida. So that is five years when I could have been treating myself and the medical profession do nothing about it now as they say anti-fungals are bad for your Liver. I already knew this, but to let this un-balance go on for five years is unforgiveable. My new GP is helping me to treat it more naturally and with topical anti-fungals. I am taking Kefir and also 1/2 teaspoonful if Bicarbonate of Soda in a glass of water each day. The Bicarb. treatment was researched by Southampton University College Hospital quite a few years ago, and is said to work. I hope so!

I do wonder if they say not to use antibiotics so much is because of the fact that they know they cause Candida, and not that they do not work on various organisms so much.

All your information is good and knowledge is power to us. Thank you for posting.

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I guess they have now figured out many things about antibiotics. More and more studies linking depression, anxiety and all sort of illnesses linked to usage of antibiotics.

They now start to understand the importance of healthy bacteria even though they have not even identified half of the bacteria living in our guts.

It all comes down to situation when we are given antibiotics. As you said for you it probably is the reason for candida, so in your situation that happened. For me it wiped off the bacteria responsible handling vitamin B's! So it is more complicated they are willing to admit.

It is not only just antibiotics wipes off good bacteria and causes harmful bacteria to grow, it is where, when and how. One has it in different part of GI tract than the next guy after same antibiotics which might lead to very different health issues. Then certain antibiotics seem to affect the neurotransmitters, causing depression and anxiety.

They have also discovered that if you get fecal transplantation from fat person you probably get fat too. That fat person might otherwise be completely healthy so they are suitable for donating poo.

I think there are so much to learn about bacteria and antibiotics. I am thankful I got some after my sepsis, otherwise I probably would not be here, but I wish they had underlined the importance of probiotics when taking antibiotics.

Now I am building up my bacteria one strain at the time as I unfortunately get histamine reaction from certain type of probiotics at this point.

My mom told me I have got my first course of antibiotics when I was 2 weeks old, so in the bad case my body has been in limping mode ever since. I wish I had understood all of this a bit earlier. Like you said your condition was sort of completely ignored as well, during those years you could have done a lot to help your body to recover from Candida.

People are having so much health issues these days and I do think one major reason is antibiotics, not that they are given, they are needed in some cases, but lack of after care and supporting your body to recover from it.

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