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Do you know then feeling when... (a bit embarrassing story )

Something embarrassing and in the end funny happened yesterday.

I was knitting leg warmers and felt I need to go pee. Went to bathroom normally, pulled my pants down, sat down and did my business.

After a few second I realised something is wrong. Yes I has pulled my pants down, but only sweat pants, not undies. So there I am literally peeing in my pants.

I was not sure should I cry or laugh. I decided to laugh.

These things just happen to me like clean dishes in the fridge or vitamins in the microwave. Been like this for as long as I can remember. I just don't always think it through.

Oh well I guess my secret lover Mr hashimoto might have something to do with this :D

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Hi Hun,

I also have a secret lover who happens to be an undertaker called Mr Graves Disease.

At first i thought him to be quite a controlled chap but boy was i wrong he get's me in such a muddle at times that my head is all over the place.

He has complete control over me in fact i would go as far as calling him a control freak, i have tried to get rid of him but he keep's coming back ! :-(

Good job we can laugh about it, at least you peed through your pants i was in such a rush one day i forgot to lift the lid up. Jill :-)


Happened here too. No joking matter. Should I try and stop mid stream and lift the lid? But then, when you're half way up, it starts again only to run down legs and into socks, shoes, bathmat etc.

That reminds me of The Grand Old Duke Of York,

When you're up you're up. 🎵

And when you're down you're down. 🎼

And when you are only half way up. 🎹

You are neither up nor down.🎶

😂 Jx


Nothing grand about it when you have little energy to clear up the mess. I am lucky, i have no bath mat or carpet so i can pee on the floor and just mop it up. ( I'm not proud anymore there is no stopping mid stream ) :-)

Useful tips

Remove socks

Swap shoes for croc flip flops you can wash them off in the sink.

After many years of nagging men to put the toilet seat down it is now left permanently up !

Do not wear tights, yes i have done that one as well

If all else fails Incontinence pads could be the way forward, we can pee into the pad and smile as we do so. :-)

O heck it's like having senile dementia before our time. :-(

A dear friend of mine in her 80s was delivered a commode but was to ashamed to use it. After much prompting from myself she used it for the first time only to find she had not raised the lid.

She has an excuse at the grand age of 88 yrs what chance have we got ? Need i say anymore. Jill x

P.s Lets all just go with the flow


I think laughing is one way to cope with some difficulties these diseases cause us.

Can't laugh when too tired to get out if bed. There is nothing funny about it.

But in cases like this I try to laugh and oh well I have so many funny stories to tell at parties :D

I never liked to make fun of other people. I have so much material to make fun of myself.


Poor health can make us loose a lot of dignity. Something on this site never stop's to amaze me is the fact we can still laugh.

Maybe it's our sense of humour that keeps us going.

Keep not laugh, sneeze or cough.

We all know the consequence if we do the latter dont we ladies ? :-)


I often hear people asking how do you cope with this as they couldn't. I usually tell them that life is a bitch and then you marry one.

Being ill has made me more determined. It has changed me. And I like the person I am now. My illness has made me a better person even though it has also partially ruined my life.

I hope in the future I am the dominant one in this relationship telling mr hashimoto to shut up :D


Of many 'senior' moments... Milk in the washing machine and cordless phone in the freezer :D

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Thank you, you have made my day. I feel normal again . All of these blogs have made me laugh out loud . What a wonderful feeling.


Ah, milk in the washing machine all you needed was some coffee in the soap compartment and you would of had a frothy coffee. :-)

Cordless phone in the freezer not such a good idea.

I love it when i am hunting for my glasses and find them on my head !

We are born needing nappies and a little gar gar and as we age we go back to the nappies and even more gar gar than before. xx


Dirty dishes in the fridge or thrown in the bin. I've put water kettle in the fridge. Almost threw dirty undies in the toilet instead of laundry basket. Forgotten if I locked the door to our apartment and worried all day at work. Left the balcony door open for a whole night in November...

The worst is to forget to check for green light before crossing a street. Better to stand there absentmindedly for 3 green cycles.

The lid thing is kinda weekly now.

It's really hard for me to be like this when I'm supposed to be studying well and getting my degree.

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I hope with the correct meds things will improve.

This site is great for learning about our illness and how to manage it.

Keep reading, keep learning the more we learn the more we are in control of our condition.

Good luck with regard to your degree. x

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It's just a pity we're not more in control of our bladder.🚽 hehe


I call my bladder bagpuss because it is like my daughter's kitten, it is out of control and pee's all over the place. :-0


Thank you, Jillymo! At the moment I can only eat a healthy hypo suitable diet and take supplements because I'm borderline, so no meds. This site is awesome!


I dont know why they wont treat borderline patients i was borderline for many years before i was treated.

My thyroid went over active and i lost loads of weight :-) then it went under active so i put on the pounds :-(

It is a great site you learn more on here than in any consulting room.



A wee man with no teeth went into the Butchers

And asked for "a pound of kiddleys please"

"Surely you mean kidneys Sir"

"I said kiddleys, diddle I" 🍲.



Ha ha.

Justina at the top off the page is oblivious to all the piddle talk she has created.

We must thank her for the laugh she has given us, it helped pass a few hour's. x


I sometimes have this and I believe it's called 'urge incontinence'. It usually happens when I have a bladder infection and is generally due to weakened pelvic floor muscles. Regards, Jax


hope you got to finish the leg warmers ok. iam about to start on my 9th dr who scarf.


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