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Was diagnosed PA in Sept been on injections since Sept cant say i feel that much better slightly still have double vision neuro probs in my toes still brain fog today i heard that i have under active thyroid so i start on a trail period with medication low dose would the thyroid cause double vision neuro problems and vacant tired feeling i thouught my PA was causing it its all so confusing

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  • double vision neuro problems and vacant tired feeling

    Very definitely yes. And many many more. A useful list of symptoms on the main Thyroid UK website here


  • Thank you.... my optician has put prisms in my lenses but hasnt said much else except your eye is turning in causing double vision constant blurred vision since January due to muscle control to me that means optic nerve problems but he said the prisms might correct it? Wait 6 mths im going to ask my GP to refer me to eye specialist im worried.. first time had to wear long distance glasses i thought optician would have recommended it to my GP

  • When I was eventually diagnosed as hypothyroid, I had two pairs of glasses - one for distance and one for reading. I carried them with me all the time and was constantly having to change from one pair to the other. This deterioration in my eye sight happened in the space of a year. I'd never worn glasses in my life before. I could not understand how things could change so rapidly.

    Since being optimally medicated for hypothyroidism, I no longer need glasses at all. Those two pairs have been gathering dust in a drawer somewhere for years now.

  • Wow thats great same here i having to have reading now long distance iam 60 but a young one ha ha who hates wearing glasses

  • When you go for your next blood test, make the earliest time you can and fast (you can drink water). Leave about 24 hours between your dose of levo and the test and take levo afterwards.

    Always ask for a print-out of your blood tests with the ranges for your own records and you can post if you have a query.

  • Thank you so much took me a while try get my head round PA im learning now Thyroid wish GPs would explain better i did ask for a print out from hospital re blood tests they did i can remember last year i had tests done and the GP said im borderline but didnt explain just said didnt need treatment as levels were ok was feeling awful as well got palmed off antidepressants again.... it was just this year numb toes swelling in lower legs double vision then i had to push for more tests very worried with this eye problem though im not usually a worrier but going back all the tell tale signs were dismissed

  • The GP didn't explain because they just don't know much.

    If we want to become better we have to be a little forceful as before we've always taken what the doctor says as gospel (because we expect them to know the answers or how to treat us).

    Ask your GP for a Full Thyroid Function test as you're feeling quite unwell and what to exclude it's your thyroid gland and you need TSH, T4, T3, Free T4 and Free T3, antibodies, Vitamin B12, Vit D, iron, ferritin and folate. Write the list and give GP a copy as you may not remember all of these.

    Tell him you want to improve your health as you are fed up being under par. They are happy to prescribe anti-d's which they do according to your clinical symptoms and no blood test but don't take the clinical symptoms of hypo into account (of which one is depression) and levothyroxine can provide the T3 you need in all of your receptor cells as it is the Active thyroid hormone. We cannot function without sufficient.

    Get a print-out of the results, with the ranges, and follow the hints I gave above about an early appointment etc.

  • Thank you i start on trial with Levothyroxine next week requested by my endocrinologist at the hospital only just got results yesterday so hopefully ill be whizzing around like i used to get back to my cycling club cant wait!!

  • Take things slowly at first so the levo can build up. Sometimes when we feel an improvement we do too much and it depletes the T3 which levo converts to then we don't feel good and wonder if we're on the right dose. So give it time.

  • I Will! Very confusing daunting PA and Thyroid thought i was going mad so did my Family

  • Our brains contain the most T3 (active hormone) and we have billions of cells in our bodies that require T3 so that's why we cannot think straight or have 'brain fog' etc.

  • Hello There 8 have just written a long post on this i think it maybe shoul have been a new post?? Its on this page would please kindly read sorry its wee bit long Thank you...

  • Hi, you refer to 8 but am not sure who that is. If you are referring to your post below (6 hours ago) you can copy and paste it into a new question so that you will get more answers.

  • Hi - sorry to hear you have both PA and Hashimotos. How often are you having the B12 injections ? With neurological symptoms they should be done 2/3 times a week for a few weeks or until symptoms lessen. I have read that it is also good to take a B Complex with the B12 to keep all the B's in balance. You may wish to top up with some B12 tablets - kept under the tongue until they have dissolved. You can also buy sprays.

    Starting on a low dose of T4 should only be for 6 weeks - when you need your bloods done again and a raise in the dose to say 50mcg.

    You will also need testing for Ferritin - Folate - Iron - VitD as we are often low in these vitals. Yes when the thyroid hormones are low many things can go wrong. T3 is the ACTIVE thyroid hormone and is needed in every cell of the body - trillions and trillions ! So when the FT3 is low there is not enough to go around and things begin to go wrong. Most of the receptors for T3 are in the brain followed by the gut/immune system. If you think of your body as a car - the thyroid is the accelerator !

    A great deal is discussed about the health of the gut when it comes to chronic conditions. Going Gluten Free has helped many people both in reducing anti-bodies and inflammation in the gut and the body.

    You have a lot to cope with - so just keep reading and learning - and asking questions.

    Hope you soon feel stronger....

  • Thank you for your reply Marz in Sept i had loading dose of 6 over 2 weeks because still got nuero probs n double vision got another loading dose of 7 which i finish on Saturday i was lucky to get that as i quoted the BNF guidelines to GP is it the b12 or is it Thyroid causing extreme tiredness now swelling a bit in lower legs im a very positive person so i dont stress or worry as such but my eyesight really worrying me

  • Momo, have you been checked for coeliac disease? This can start up at any time in life. Dr. Alessio Fasano has been following first degree relatives of people with coeliac for decades and he doesn't know for sure why, but he's got a couple of women in the late 70s who were fine and then not fine. Infection? Antibiotics? He doesn't know for sure but it can happen so worth checking out.

  • Hiya yes i was tested for that im awaiting to see all results so much to digest and what i can do to make changes

  • momo - I do hope that when you start your thyroid treatment that things quickly improve for you - just like Galathea in her post above :-)

  • Thank you Marz im probably a lot older than the lady above but i only wore reading glasses age related..... it was just this year long distance came on so quickly blurred first then the double started after along with all sorts of weird things i shall stay positive though been a battle lately with GP but im learning more so im ready to battle if i have too been dismissed too long i can always come on here for advice now if needed Thank you.....

  • ...low thyroid hormones can cause muscle weakness and of course that will include the eye muscles - there's lots of them !

    Lots of support here to help with those battles :-)

  • Hi i havent actually got all blood results but in my letter from Endo specialist has said to my Gp its worthwhile to start me on 25micrograms Levo OD all it says TSH OF 9 T4 OF 12 and raised TPO antibodies at 377 a 9am cortisal test was done with thyroid function test was done along with Celiac antibodies it also says i would be able to help her if we find a hormonal problem im confused as its taken me ages to understand my PA i still have double vision swollen achey lower legs hair loss i have had 2 lots of loading doses of injections B12 over 8 weeks im still feeling brain fog but have slight better energy meaning im up and not napping all day last year i had a swollen kidney nothing ever came of that only i dont have cancer or any tumours over last 2 to 3 years all sorts of weird things have been happening i believe its all connected to my health now i have also got Vitiligo same thing its all connected going by the letter wording it would be worthwhile to try me on Levo seems doesnt seem right but Endo want all my test results from my GP they have done on me as they have nothing on their system as they arnt linked to my area Think that willbe a long wait our 6 reception staff are weeks behind with filing and scanning so anytime i visit GP nothing is ever on for him to see our surgery is never busy shut 1 day a week 3 GPS only one is any good and he is a Locum and helpful but only on once a week i have rambled on Sorry!! I have just had an exausting conversation with unhelpful receptionist who says my results arnt back They are told her go look in you filing of 6 weeks

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