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I was told by a friend, who complains of not having thick hair, about an Aveda product that seems to "increase" the volume of the hair and make it appear less thin. It's apparently a powder that suits any colour hair. I was told that one can find all the details, as well as comments, on the internet. The full name of the product is:

Aveda Pure Abundance Hair Potion.

Sorry, but can't talk from experience but just by looking at the friend's hair I see a big improvement.

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  • Is this a product you sprinkle on your hair to make it look thicker?

    I've used Nioxin hair products and have found this really good for my hair -encouraging growth and also thickening my existing hair. They have a guarantee on their products that if you don't notice a significant improve not in the thickness and amount of hair within a defined period they will refund your money.

  • Sorry. Can't comment as I've never heard of the product you mention. I used once something called Toppik which is a powder that one sprinkles on the hair but you have to get it according to your hair colour while this Aveda product suits any hair colour. I've just started reading about it myself. It has good reviews. My friend was offered this powder when she visited an Aveda salon so I imagine that all their hair stylists use this product.

  • waveylines - I didn't realise Nioxin had a guarantee, it did help my hair but took over 6 months to see any difference. Need to buy some more as Salon Science products did nothing, again I used them for around 6 months.

  • if you didn't have thin hair before Hashi's and low thyroid, then i would certainly not except it as okay! Shampoo doesn't fix thyroid hair. Autoimmune disease also causes hair loss.

  • i don't know which shampoo you are referring to. I'm not talking about treatment against hair loss, but just a way to make the hair appear more voluminous. That's all. Women loose hair due to many reasons not only because of theit thyroid not working properly.

  • I know..are you looking onto why, because it's not normal at all, sorry. There is an autoimmune disease or hormone deficiency behind it. But, i am unusual around here. I just go for looking into WHY and how to fix it. Hair loss is the minor problem compared to what happens with these conditions.

  • I'm also interested into how one can fix something, but many things are down to genes that we inherit. And so, if your father, let's say was bald, then you'll end up having thinner hair than a friend whose father had a head full of hair. And there is nothing that one can do to alleviate the problem except to try and cover the area in question. And I'm not talking about alopecia which is due, I think, to stress.

  • Do you have Hashimotos?

    My hair got very thin, almost male pattern balding, which had never been like that, but, i also got other symptoms, like Acne, rapid weight gain and body aches and weakness, etc.. Once i got on t3 and stopped eating certain foods, my hair grew back. Doctors told me it was old age, hormones etc..all of it and there was nothing i could do. I was looking into wigs, false eyelashes and how to make eyebrows too. My hair is thick and full and has stayed that way, until i have an autoimmune flare, always with other symptoms too. I am sure you must have something else going on, like inability to lose weight, rashes.. something, not just thin hair?

    Both my parents had thin hair, Dad was mostly bald, all men in family, bald, but i realize now, looking back, all had autoimmune symptoms. Mom had autoimmune anemia. My hair is thicker than both my the moment.

  • Thank you for your advice, but I'm lucky in this direction as I don't have any problems with my hair. I keep reading post from women who complain at losing hair so thought that they might find this kind of cosmetic powder that turns into, I think a type of jelly, quite useful. I'm glad that yoi managed to fix your problem.

  • faith what do you take/ Ineed my hair back so sparse and have hashi/pcos.

  • i use t3 thyroid meda and avoid foof i am sensitive too , based on testing, and use probiotics and digestive enzymes, also based on tests results on my gut...something is causing your hormones to go haywire..its not normal.

  • yes agreed faith.

  • i would not focus on your hair..your hair is not the problem, it is a result of the problem.. i suspect it is an issue with your immune system, causing an hormonal issue, just like hashis causes a hormone issue. it is all related. heal the immune system, the other issues will stop. sign up for Dr. isabella wentz emails..she put her hashis in remission and she tells you how.

  • yes faith63you are absolutely right--- I have cysts on ovaries pcos and we tend to convert testosterone to 5alpha reductase dehydrotestosetrone DHT forms in hair follilces, which is of couse hormones. ishall sign up to the lady youmentiion abiove thankyou

  • Good for you! I did the stool tests and food testing and am going for remission. i never feel well, no thyroid meds helps.

  • so sorry faith- I never feel well either , it is so hard as we try everything then we hear of healthy bodies taking drugs and ruining their health, beggars belief.x ido wish you well.

  • androgenic alopeca is is hormonal

  • Sorry but hair loss is never a minor problem. It strips a persons self confidence and has a great psychological impact.

  • Hi Cinnamom,

    Yes Nioxin have a 60 day guarantee. You have to use their system everyday. It is diegined for thinning hair and they will refund your money if it doesn't work. I have used it for three weeks so far and there is a definately thickening on the top of my head & I can feel lots of new stubbly growth. The hairdresser explained to me that it not only promotes growth but also strengthens weak hair so it doesn't break. Daily massage is vital.

    There is another product which I will have to look up the name o f it that was recommended to me via a specialist that is a cosmetic one. It comes in several colours and you literally sprinkle fibres on your head and spray a fixer. This essentially fills in the gaps in your hair and will last the day. It does nothing for the growth of your hair. I've never used it as it wouldn't work for my currently mad pink hair -no pink colour but natural colours.

  • HI which Nioxin did you uses - I think there are 4 or 5 types? I am really struggling with hair loss at the moment so trying everything! Thanks for your help

  • By mistake, I got your message and not someone who knows about the product you're interested in. I'm sorry as I can't help you at all.

  • Thanks for this :-)

  • There are much cheaper options than Aveda, though I use their Phomolient for special occasions. Superdrug make a volume booster powder that's only a few pounds, & probably easier for most people to get hold of.


  • If it's a powder then it has to match your hair colour. The Aveda product can be used by many members of the same family as thin hair is also, unfortunately, genetic too.

  • My sister in law swears by Pantogar. I haven't bought it yet, taking so many other supplements and its a bit pricey too. But might be worth a try

  • bru bru what is pantogar? I too take so many other supps sometimes I cant take anythingas the thought just makes me gag.

  • Its a supplement too she's taken it for six months and the difference is visible. Maybe I haven't forked out the money because my hair is still great although I've lost a lot and it used to be very wavy and it's straight now. Go figure! . I used to have much much more hair and it used to grow quicker too but I still have a lot left! On places I wouldn't like them to be too I'm afraid. Just done a round of laser hair removal.

  • bru bru I woul dlike to try that where would I get it- are uk or usa? glad you still have hair it is horrible watching it disappear.

  • I'm in the uk. She bought it from Amazon. But looks like you have to take for at least 6months. Her hair has surely grown a lot and it's thicker now BUT she doesn't suffer with thyroid issues her hair has always been fine and didn't grow.

  • yes I have googled it an seen some u tubes on AMLA that Indians use they always hav ethick lovely hair, and it does help not having hormone issues

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