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Had hashimotos for 16 years on thyroxine,then went suddenly hyper and very ill.On t3 only now feel a bit better ,but far from well,unable to work or socialise.I can cope with pottering.My bloods are optimal ,taking 45 mcg t3 split into 3 times a day.JJust continue to feel odd lethargic low mood and no inner resources to do anything feel ill.I get hyper really easy if I take too much t3.I used to feel not great but now it feels the same multiplied by a hundred,I just cannot get myself well again.I used to increase or decrease my thyroxine and felt bit better but now that does not happen.I have improved over past year I have been on t3 only but still not right,usually when you are ill you get better and I can't now. To sum it up I just feel there is no oil in my Tank.

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Adrenals.... Check them out with a saliva test.... I was hypo for about 18 years, though felt reasonable on t3/ t4. Then i checked my adrenals and found them very lacking. I then took vitamin c and cortisone for a couple of years.... Massive difference, much bigger difference than any of the thyroid meds ever made.

Genova do a private test..... Link here....

G x


Hi Galathea ,Yes I have done saliva test and all good.


Hi, how about try NDT. Might be easier to dose and control symptoms. Also get all usual things checked. Iron ferratin b12 etc.

Good luck


Yes I have thought about NDT ,I actually wonder if it is Mercury Pharma synthetic meds that are making me so ill ,is that possible that synthetic meds can make you ill.


t3 is blood testing needed and less expensive.


Hi there,yes its possible for a few reasons. For me as example only was the fact that I couldn't handle levothyroxine because of low levels of ferratin at 2 and a haemoglobin of 5 and b12 of less than 100. I was just given levothyroxine and told to take 50 a day , go away. Nothing was checked, in those days I knew nothing of what was needed to help support the conversion of thyroxine into t3. I walked around barely feeling hypo and at same time with each raise intoxicated and hyper by throid hormone pooling in my blood.Along with pernicious anaemia undiagnosed. Long story, so I researched myself and built up everything I needed in my body including sef injections of b12 for Pernicious Anaemia, then switched to ndt. I've had pit falls but mainly from keeping the autoimmune side cared for and keeping essential iron and vits up. The ndt is the best for me. I've hit menopause now and some symptoms can feel like it's thyroid so I have to take extra care. I've not long started bioidentical hrt. Which has addressed alot of symptoms and feel very good.

Thing is you have to get all basics in place for you thyroid hormone to work well, if it's not doing the job then you can only try ndt.You have to care for all of you not just your choice of thyroid hormone as a lot depends on it working effectively. However if all in your body is tip top it could just be the fillers in your levothyroxine your sensitive to. It's along journey trying to stay on top of your health problems but you will get there. Easy to say but don't get upset and frustrated be positive as this help your fight too.

Good luck you are not alone


Thanks for your story ,it does help to share with others.I am glad you are feeling better,I will maybe order Thyroid S and see how I get on after Christmas,as I can potter quite well at present and do not want to feel worse at Christmas due to change in meds which always happens to me.


What do you mean, your 'bloods are optimal'? Optimal is not a number, it's the way you feel.

And what do you mean by 'going hyper'? Do you mean you had a Hashi's swing to hyper? How much thyroxine were you taking at the time?

Do you have your latest lab results? Because talking about why you're feeling what you feel without knowing what was tested and what the results were, and exactly what you were taking, is all hypothetical. We can't come to any meaningful conclusions.


t3 is dosed 1x per day, for optimal results, according to Dr. Lowe..a pioneer in the use of t3. Also, for many, meds aren't enough. Why not try putting your hashi's into remission? It looks as tho you are having autoimmune symptoms. I get those all the time and no thyroid med helps me. Check out Dr. Isabella Wentz and sign up for her emails.

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