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difference between various Erfa strength pills?

I seem to notice a difference between various strength of Erfa...I do better on 60 mg pills than on either 30 or 125 pills.

Of course, it would be so easy for me to ask for 60 mg pills. And I's just feels so strange that the 60 mg pills would work better than other strengths...which is why I wanted to ask if anyone else has noticed this?

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Hi anna69, I've never taken Erfa, but I've found the same with Armour. The smaller tablets work best, but when trying to save money I purchased some 90mg that definitely don't work as well.

Regards, Katy


Interesting...! I read somewhere that they use different fillers and binders in the pills. I have no idea why they would do that, but that could explain the difference between various strengths.

One pharmacy in Belgium started making capsules using 5 grain (300 mg) Armour pills, crushing and mixing them to various strengths, to keep cost down after Armour doubled in price. They did not work for me at all, so I decided to give up on Armour and try Erfa instead. Thankfully, Erfa is available in 500 count bottles as well, which helps keep cost down somewhat.


I just found this on the STTM website:

It seems Armour works even less well now since Actavis took over production. How do you feel on it; does it still say Forest on your pill bottles, or Actavis?


Hi Anna,

All of my Armour is still marked with Forest, even the supplies bought recently. I'll watch out for the change and note any difference in effectiveness



Thanks! It would be interesting to know...I see no reason why Actavis would make any further changes to Armour, but you never know...


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