I could scream

So after x3 miscarriages and a diagnosis of hypothyroidism where I started levothyroxine I have been thrown all around the place with my levels and tablets after 3 different doctors telling me I don't need to increase my dose during pregnancy (I'm no longer pregnant) and then my level was ok...... I have just seen a gynaecologist who took more blood but said she wasn't happy with my previous level and should have my dose increased. I could scream. When I mention to my Dr's the NICE guidelines they say everyone is different.... I want to scream!!!

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  • Were any of these doctors an endocrinologist? Can the gynecologist recommend a good endocrinologist? Or even a good GP?

  • No they aren't. I'm not sure how I even get to see one or if I have to be referred. I'm hoping my gynaecologist helps

  • The gynecologist seems to have more on the ball.

  • My heart goes out to you Mandym.

    Not surprising that you want to scream. gabkad's idea seems a good start to try to get the right support that you need now and in the future. Have you seen the list of good endo's from TUK? Email Louise at louise.warvill@thyroiduk.org

    Good luck.

  • Thank you , that's really helpful

  • Mandymoo84, are you in England? I would write a formal complaint to NHS England asking for a full investigation of those 3 doctors. ALL pregnant women need a tsh less than 2. The need for thyroid hormones increases by 30-50% during pregnancy. It makes me sick that babies are dying because of ignorant, arrogant doctors who are negligent yet think they know it all and the patient is held in contempt by them for trying to help the doctor get it right.

  • I am in the UK. I am hoping my gynaecologist is going to help while I'm trying to get and stay pregnant. I just feel like the doctors are guessing.

  • Has anyone tested your antibodies do you know? Hashimoto's autoimmune thyroiditis is a risk factor for first trimester miscarriage but having the condition closely monitored for thyroid levels is a must I think. Monthly blood tests preconception and during pregnancy. Lifestyle changes like eating gluten free can help to bring antibodies down but NHS don't know that or tell people. They don't tell people whether they have Hashimoto's either.

  • You need a new dr ASAP, and probably also need T3. My endo

    refuses to do NDT if I'm pregnant so I got an integrative dr.

  • How does T3 help? Sorry I'm new to all of this

  • mandym you could try a search of this forum. Possibly 'pregnancy and Hypothyroidism' and see what info comes up.

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