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RX for Synthyroid

Hello Everyone,

I posted my blood work but not answered- here is the link:

My endo said it is ok to try Synthroid today but didn't really seem to think it's a good idea. I'm wondering now if I should go ahead and try it? I'm scared to try it now. I just wonder if there are any dangers using it when your levels are in range? He is also going to do a scan at my next visit although maybe I should do it sooner. I'm so exhausted lately I'm having trouble making decisions about anything.

Also the pharmacy could read the dose so I have to wait until Monday anyway. It is either 25 mg or 75 mg.

What do you think?

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I think you'll find that the units are micrograms - abbreviated mcg, if necessary. Not milligrams.

(Mind, we often see people outwith the UK using their local systems and expressing the doses in milligrams but with decimal points, etc. E.g. .025 or .075 mg.)

I started levothyroxine with an FT4 just within bottom of range. And very glad I did. If you have not got enough thyroid hormone, precisely where some laboratory decided to place the reference range is unimportant - except when it stops you getting what you need.

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Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional and this information is not intended to be a substitute for medical guidance from your own doctor. Please check with your personal physician before applying any of these suggestions.

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Thanks, I'm wondering how I know if I'm getting enough or not? I had my T3 tested which was 2.9 and I was reading a bit about the relationship between the two but I don't quite understand it very well yet- it seems pretty complicated.


It is far more complicated than is usually acknowledged.

If your endo is suggesting it, then it could be worth trying and see how it goes? It isn't as if a short trial is a commitment for life.


Thanks Helvella,

He didn't suggest it but he said I could try it when I brought the whole issue up and then did a 180 and said later he didn't approve of it when my levels are in range, one of those wtf moments.. but I left with an rx and a scheduled scan of the thyroid at my next appointment.

I will try it but now I'm worried about taking too low a dose and making matters worse so I'm not sure what to do?


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