Help please sweat smells of nail varnish

Can any one shed some light I have had this on and of for a while now I have been tested for diabetes but they are all in range I first thought I was being sensitive I walk to work and and as I have graves hyper I tend to get very hot but yesterday when I sat down at work the person next to me said who's painting there nails I just kept quite I don't think it's on my breath just when I sweat Google just keeps bring up diabetes and breath smelling rather than sweat I wondered if it could be thyroid related although I'm in remission at the moment

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  • Ketosis can cause changes to sweat smell. Smelling acetone (one of the solvents used for some nail varnish) is a classic of ketosis. It can be difficult for the person who is ketotic to know whether it is breath or sweat that is actually smelling.

    Are you dieting or otherwise restricting your sugar/starch intake? Or simply not taking in enough for the demands of your body?

    Have a look here:

  • Thanks helvella for quick reply it's been playing on my mind dieting I wish I'm always hungry it is definitely my sweat because it leaves horrid after smell on my clothes the only thing I can think of is I do a lot of lates at work I'm really bad about eating before I go to work sometimes just a biscuit or to then I pig out on all the junk food in the vending machines god that makes me sound really bad when I write it out

  • Yeast from carbs and sugar causes body odor. Make hard boiled eggs the night before take two. Eat slices of roast beef turkey etc. Nuts good snack. Change your diet and end the problem

  • Helvella I just read that link thanks lots of jargon I couldn't understand but it does say about fasting causing it I don't fast as I make up for it when I get to work but perhaps it's my not eating and then a 30 min walk to work is doing it I'll try to eat better and see if that works

  • Not eating enough has the same effect - it doesn't have to be absolute fasting.

  • can also be heavy metals build up in the may want to search that..i was just reading something about that the other day while I was searching for something else.....

  • Thanks I'll look at that

  • You should get a urinalysis and maybe fasting blood glucose as a symptom of diabetes is your breath smelling of acetone and I gues sweat will too. Clemmie

  • Barrister I hav had these done habc1 was showing 39 range was up to 40

  • Change your diet and end the problem eat more protein. Two hard boiled eggs roast beef turkey instead of sugar. Carbs and sugar cause body odor

  • Hi Rush2112,

    From what you describe it could be diabetes or pre-diabetes. People with diabetes can develop a sweet pear drops breath and I suppose it's possible to sweat it out of your body as a way of getting rid of the toxins. You need to get this checked out as it could be ketones and diabetics can develop ketone acidosis which is very dangerous and life threatening.

    Good luck and I hope you feel better soon.

    TT xx.

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