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anybody out there that has had thyroid op and is troubled by words repeating in your head over and over and over again?

I had seven eights of my thyroid removed twenty years ago.......out of nowhere seven years ago words and phrases started repeating in my head. bad stuff...suicidal commands and swear words..ALL in my OWN voice but very very distressing. these awful words repeat all day long from morn till night. have tried taking my own life numerous times over last year and a half to shut out the torment.

Been under psychiatric care for seven years now....horrendous experience with psych drugs....lost count of their diagnosis...they say I have obsessional thoughts and ocd and bi-polar. Despite a whole mixture range of psych drugs the repeating words have NOT gone away.

I am very keen to find out from fellow thyroid sufferers if any of you have ever had this symptom.

best wishes


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Floralpen, my heart goes out to you. In a way that hypothyroidismn affects my hearing, I suspect it must follow that the lack of hormones in combination with 'head drugs' could well induce such 'voices'.

My brother has had the voices in his head, he's now well after getting on the right meds. One thing to note is that certain additives I.e. fluorides can inhibit thyroid meds.

Maybe ask for a change in meds?



I replied to your other message but also wanted to say, I feel for you, suffering the way you do.

Can you post what meds. you are on and any blood results you have, this way other members can offer advice.



If you have only 1/8th of your thyroid left I would not be the slightest bit surprised if your Free T3 was far too low. T3 is the active thyroid hormone and the brain needs a good supply of it. Too little Free T3 can have a serious impact on brain function and mental health.

Do you have any blood test results for thyroid or anything else that may give us clues about what might be going on?

I have suffered from depression for many, many years, and it is only since I've been taking T3 to treat my thyroid that it has lifted quite substantially. At my worst (before treatment) I also had obsessive thoughts, but they have completely stopped now. I never told anyone about them at the time.

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Oh Floralpen this sounds awful. There was an article titled something like myxoedema madness that I think would be relevant if you ca find it.

Do hope you soon feel better.


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