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tsh low but rest ok


I am a bit confused. Not been feeling great so gp organised blood test.

My first bloodtest showed TSH of 0.136 (range 0.35 to 4.94) so gp requested second test in more detail.

My second test showed TSH 0.202

t3l 2.8 (range 1.7 to 3.71)

t4l 10.6 (range 7.0 to 14.8)

anti thyroglobulin 1.0 (range less than 5.0)

anti thyroperoxidase less than 0.5 ( range less than 6.0)

All appears normal except TSH.

I have a goitre and thyroid problems in family.

I am waiting for x-ray and specialist visit so just trying to understand what this all means



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No idea if you are on meds or not but the free t4, and the corresponding t3 are at the bottom end of the range...... You may feel better with them at the top end... Most of us do.



Thanks for reply,

not on any meds now but have had a post op abscess and was on antibiotics augmentin for 1 month followed by 1 month on ciprofloxicin.

Abscess seems better now but I am getting anxiety symptoms and not sleeping well. Could it be Thyroid related or just anxiety???



Your tsh is likely low due to Central /2ndary hypothyroid as opposed to primary hypothyroid because your t4 and t3 are also low

very few gps or even endos bother to think about this form and that does not help


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