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Whoo hoo... I feel thin!

I'm not thin, i am still 13 stones and a size 16' but have just been up north to see friends and family for the first time since January. Practically everyone i saw commented on how much thinner i look.

But i weigh the same and my clothes are the same size. However. After several years on Ndt. I now find that i can pick up the skin on the top of my arms and its not all bloated and spongy... This ties in with the scan i had last year when my heart was slightly smaller. Am due another scan in december. And if my heart has shrunk back to normal size, i will be making sure the consultants all know i have been self treating with NDT for the past 4 or 5 years.

Here is info about the under skin bloating.....

Xx G

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Yay! That's great news and I think size 16 is fantastic!

(3 years ago I was size 12/14, I'm now size 22 - so 16 sounds just perfect)

I hope you feel well enough for a celebratory dance around your kitchen!



I certainly am well enough for a dance. :-)


Excellent, you tell them ;-) x

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I found out that when people tell me I look thinner than before (people who haven't seen me for some time), it's because they remember me as being overweight (although 16 is not 20 or 22!!), and when they see me again, they feel as if I lost weight because I don't look to them as fat as they remember me!

Enjoy the size you are as I need to look at size 18 or 20; forgot when I was 16!

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