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25g of levo

I'm wondering for two and a half years I was on 150 mg of levo ,then they dropped it by 25mgs , does 25 mgs realy make a massive amount of difference to the way I feel, and is it better to have a little more medication or a little less ,they say I'm within the limits, but how after so long of being on the higher dose does it suddenly constitute the doctor dropping it ,after I visit him with massive anxiety and depression, which I've suffered from for many years ,I know it's done by blood tests ,but does 25 mgs make a massive difference, because I'm sure I felt better on the higher dose, difficult to tell because of all the other things wrong with me ,menoupause being one of them .

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7 days at 25 mg. is. 175 mg... So the doctor did the equivalent of stopping a days meds plus some.... Yep.... Thats going to make a difference. Specially when you think that some people can be made well just by taking 25 per day.

Time you got your tsh, free t4 and free t3 reading from your doctor, have a look where you are with everything and maybe argue fir a dose increase....


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An extra 25mcgs every other day made a huge difference to me. It was this small increase that finally made me feel normal again.

My GP is still not aware I take this little bit extra. I doubt she would believe the difference it has made to me if I told her anyway! My last few thyroid results have show a TSH of below or slight over 1 and my ft4 in the top quarter of the range.



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