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Levo starting dose?


I've read and can understand that your starting dose needs to be higher than your natural manufacture!? Is this set in stone please?

Know it sounds pathetic but over the last two years I've become phobic and know in my heart I can't start on high dose

I gave up with the 25 dose with side effects, doc said I was allergic, but now about to start again this time on 12 to get used to it and it to me!

Advice please

I will have to maybe give up on the meds, I really can't change myself now, I got this way when they threw anti depressants at me for years and I became in a state of loathing what they made me feel like, and the whole thing around them

Hoping someone understands I'm not completely loop de loop!! ☹️🌞


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It's possible antidepressants (ssri for example have that effect for some)could made you histamine intolerant and you could try levo with antihistamine to see if you react to fillers and binders?


Why would Siri make you intolerant to histamine ?


Can't remember why, but for some it just seem to cause histamine tolerance. I am sorry it's long time since I read about it :( But some get heat intolerant, can't stand sun etc


Thankyou for reply

I'm unsure we are on same thoughts - I have just become emotionally phobic as hate tablets at best

I'm a bit thick here and unsure sorry what you mean



What about asking for liquid levo then?

One reason that you need more oral levo than you would produce is that it gets "lost" in the gut instead of going straight into the blood stream as it would if your thyroid gland was producing it. Plus you usually need more in order to convert enough to T3 as your thyroid probaly isn't making much, if any.


Ps. I sent this as a duplicate post as thought the other one hadn't sent



Thanks Justina it's something to bear in mind x


When you say oral do you mean tablet? I do have 'leaky gut' so therefore is liquid better do you think?



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