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Thyroxin dosage changed again!!

Hi have an underactive Thyroid, about 8 weeks ago I was put on 125 my thyroxin which I been on for 27 years but another doctor upped it too 150 which was too much but he would not listen, So I stopped it and started from Scratch, we got back up to 125mg but 4 weeks ago I was on border line of it going too overactive so my new Dr dropped it to 100mg That was good but I have been piling on the weight and we are in the dark about it. I had my bloods done last week and now my levels are going up it's so frustrating as I have a fab Dr working with me not against. So we are now trying 3 days on 125mg and 4 days on 100mg. It's my weight causing the problem any one got any ideas as I also have an High Hertius Hernia which I am having the operation for it on 11/11/2015... Is anyone else having weight problems regarding the thyroid?

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What was your TSH results with the tests you've had recently.


To be honest i don't know till i see my Dr next Wednesday.My Dr rang me up at home to tell me that my levels going up again. I will get print out next Wednesday .


Don't worry about your weight yet. It is one of the most commonest of questions on this forum. When we have hypothyroidism (hypo means slow) everything slows down, metabolism,heart rate, pulse plus the other symptoms (up to 300). Levothyroxine should increase metabolism when on the correct dose which will also bring your TSH down too. Weight should begin to drop but sometimes it might need a diet to help it along. If you try to diet before you are on an optimum of levo it is a losing game most times. I understand it is distressing to gain weight when your diet hasn't changed and it is a puzzle to many.

Ask your doctor to test your Free T3. If your TSH levels are going up it might be that levothyroxine isn't being converted to sufficient T3. It is the Active hormone T3 which is needed in all of our receptor cells. T4 should convert to T3 so it is a pro-hormone. Ask if your GP will add some T3 - 10mcg initially plus 100mcg of T4. If you dont convert T4 you have to have T3 only. If he tests your FT3 and it's very low you you cannot feel well at all.


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