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Well done TUK, Lynn, Louise and others

I had an opportunity to skim through the report about the survey on how Hypothyroid patients are treated. Big thank you to all those who worked so hard to bring it to fruition. I did complete the survey and it is good to see the feedback and also depressing to read about the lack of knowledge among medics, post code lottery for funding of treatment other than levothyroxine and also to read how often thyroidies have to resort to their own testing/medication. So much for NHS being available to everyone!!

I will be writing to my MP about treatment for thyroid patients and hope that we manage to get an "early day motion" in Parliament.

Thanks again to everyone involved in trying to increase awareness of the poor health care thyroid patients have to put up with.

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Well done Crimple ......you have put it all well.....I shall be writing too.

Lynn,Louise and everyone concerned deserve support for their work and we patients have a chance to make ourselves heard . I do hope this is well supported.We cannot be continually ignored.There are too many people left suffering through either neglect or a refusal of GPs to listen to their symptoms rather than adhering to computer statistics......It's not the screen that needs treating!!

It's high time that our medics put 2+ 2 together and got 4!


Hi crimple, pls what do u mean by knowing how hypothyroidism is treated? Is there a permanent treatment for it apart from levo and co? Pls let me know, am suffering a lot . Thnx dear.


Can you post a link to the report please. I don't think I've seen it.


It was released yesterday as part of Thyroid Awareness Week stuff... all details on main website page here


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Thank you. :)


We are frequently reminded by Louise and others that when we use this site we are not talking to medics but sharing our personal experiences with others. We are all adults, I hope and therefore each responsible for our own health. Some are quite happy to leave it all to the doctors and endos.

I have always followed up advice from this site by reading further in books or on the internet. When I decide to do something it is my personal decision after weighing up the pros and cons. Yes, I may be using my body as an experiment but I like to think I have made an informed choice and I then note any improvements/worsened symptoms. What I can most definitely say is that without this forum I would be quite ill now, but by learning from others and reading a lot I have undoubtedly improved my health noticeably- friends and family comment on the improvement.

I would always be very circumspect about trying to offer advice to others, happy to relate my experiences but the decision which route to take is theirs alone.


My above response was a reply to a comment that now is no longer available,


That doesn't matter, crimple - I think that you speak for many of us in what you say, there. I'm experimenting too as I am NOT happy to leave it all to the doctors and endos x

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