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Yesterday - ITV This Morning with Dr Chris Steele

Hi guys

Yesterday a very good piece was done on ITV This Morning with Dr Chris Steele, the subject on National Baby Loss Awareness Day, was Hughes Syndrome/APS, one of the features of this disease is often multiple miscarriages and still births. Why put it on here? Well it is very typical to develop a Thyroid problem alongside as indeed I have myself. Also often in a family of wider members some perhaps with a Thyroid problem, or RA or Lupus or any multiple of autoimmune diseases, may be that relative with this disease or younger people with unexplained symptoms. Sometimes people suddenly join the dots. I know I did for myself and relatives.

ME type fatigue often labelled 'Fibromyalgia' is really actually Hughes Syndrome/APS, Sjogrens Disease and Thyroid disorders.

To see the clip, scroll down until you come to the relevant clip with Dr Chris Steele


ps come back to me if you require any more information

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Thanks MaryF,

I couldn't view as my server wouldn't let me but I did read the introduction about the difficulty in conceiving.


It is on ITV player also.

Thanks MaryF, keep spreading the information!


Thank you - and yes we must keep doing those childhood puzzles - dot-to-dot :-) Reminds me of yoga - just trying to get back to childhood poses that were so simple then ! Puzzles and poses !


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