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Pip hell at an end

Just wanted to let you all know that having been scored zero by capita health professional ( read quota keeper) I have been through the hell if mandatory reviews, dwp lies and finally on Wednesday an exhausting tribunal. They scored me 27 points for my m.e/ CFS and I'm now entitled to enhanced mobility and standard care for the next three years. It's been an awful experience, but finally justice has been done. So if you are turned down for pip or thinking of applying keep going through the process, get help, the cab helped with my appeal, and don't let the b*****ds grind you down. My partner can now claim carers allowance and the woman the cab helped a few weeks before me got standard rate and she manages to teach 3 days a week!

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I'm sorry to hear that you had to through hell to get to where you are now, well done for not giving up and I wish you all the very best xx

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Well done and congratulations. I am sure I understand some of the stress you have gone through particular if unwell but am glad you've stuck to your guns and had some expert help.

In the meantime I hope you get an appropriate dose of thyroid hormones to return you to much better health.


If only it were simple shaws.


It may not be simple but with some knowledge we can have hope as long as GP is co-operative.


I have lots of knowledge thanks to health unlocked and I have self medicated in many different ways, currently t3 only and hydrocortisone. But if you believe that all m.e is badly treated hypothyroidism sadly you are mistaken, there is so much more going on than that and lots of inexplicable unknowns. My partner had m.e for 16 years and eventually recovered - she looks after me now poor woman - and she never took any thyroxine. I was hypo before, but it's just a piece of the puzzle.


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