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Thyroxine and appetite

I take my thyroxine one hour before meal.My appetite is very low in the morning.I also take my dinner at 8 pm but at 8 am ,i do not want to take breakfast due to less appetite.Is it may be due to thyroxine before meal? My latest tsh level is 0.6 (0.4 -4.9), vitamin b12 level is 413(193 -893),chlosterol level 263(<200),hemoglobin level is 13.8(14 -18).My tsh level is on lower side ,I should decrease the thyroxine or not.Vitamin b12 level is optimal or not.Hemoglobin level is sufficient or not.To decrease cholesterol i should take medicine or not.


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Naveed, you can also take thyroxine at bedtime and lots of people prefer this way.

If you do decide to do this method you must have eaten 2 to 2.5 hours before going to bed.

There's no need to reduce thyroxine and when your dose is increased gradually that should enable your cholesterol level to drop.

You could increase B12 towards the higher level and take sublingual B12 methylcobalamin (not cyanocobalamin) tablets. You cannot take too much B12 as excess is excreted but take a normal daily dose.

Others will respond to the rest of your results.


I too have a poor apetite and would love some sensible advice! I am tnoroughly fed upof the 'eat less and exercse more' mantra which doesn't work when you don't eat enough calories. I personally think its the luck of the draw not medication.


PS DO NOT under any circumstances take statins.


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