Hi. I started taking 1/2 a grain of NT 4 weeks ago. From the start od taking this I had a lot of energy ( almost manic) with heat sensitivity and sweatiness. I also noticed my heart rate was at a higher pace than it once had been as well as blood pressure.

Do I wait for these to subside? Or should I cut back to a quarter???

Thanks for any advice.


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  • Hi Bipity

    Few Qs:

    Is this Naturethroid?

    Are you being monitored by a clinician?

    Were you previously on another thyroid med and if so what dosage?

    Do you have your latest thyroid blood results (either before starting NT and/or after) including the reference ranges?

    All of this information will help people to better offer support. :)




  • I was prescribed Naturethroid by a physician. He's on vacation and I am not able to ask him at this time.

    Yes I have my lab results. Most of these results fell within range or reference. However my physician listened to what my health challenges were and felt that this would help and in his opinion I had Hashimotos.

    He also recommended lots of fantastic vitamins and a gluten free diet.

    Thank you!

  • He sounds like a dream! :)

    Were you on a different thyroid med before?



  • Yes he's great and has helped a lot of people feel better.

    I've never been on any type of thyroid medication before.

    I do take Lorazepam and Zoloft and Omaprizole.

    You can tell a lot about people by what meds one takes.

  • As you have never been on thyroid meds before I would suggest posting your latest thyroid bloods for people to see. :)

    I am also wondering if there is a possibility of contra-indication between your current meds and the NT.

    In my non-medical opinion, it could very well be that 1/2 grain is too much (particularly as you were not on previous thyroid meds) and you MAY benefit from a decrease. Your clinician should be informed of any change to dosage at the earliest opportunity.

    Everyone else is obviously asleep at the mo! :) But I'm sure that people with practical experience of this medication will pop up at some point...



  • Thyroxine t4 free .90L

    T3, free 2.91pg/ml

    TSH 2.65

    Thyroglobulin antibody 15 iu/ml

    Thyroid peroxidase TPO AB 12

    T reverse 11.1

  • Hi Bipity, the dose is a fair starting dose but I think those are unusual reactions. I can't say for sure but they sound more hyper or if you are sensitive to an ingredient, your heart will race and heat up. When does it happen? Immediately after ingesting? Have you tried skipping a day to see if anything changes?

  • Thanks for replying.

    Yes, I have skipped a day and noticed I wasn't as hot and slept a bit deeper.

    I've noticed the sweatiness/ heat within a few hours of ingesting.

    My body's temp is not high but just touching my back one can feel some heat and it's not just in waves like a heat flash. It's constant.

    Thank you for listening,


  • Perhaps you are reacting to the vitamins. What are you taking?

  • You name it and I'm probably supposed to take it.

    I have unintentionally skipped several days of vitamins and still have the heat and faster heart rate.

    I think I'm realizing that my reaction is not the norm. I was hoping to find out that most people have the same experience.

    I will post my lab results as well.

    Thank you,

  • Your TSH is still high at 2.65 but it takes a while to lower.

    Does it feel like an adrenaline rush? Your adrenals are involved and it may surprise you they have a lot to do with blood pressure. Please take time to watch this video at least the parts about the adrenal glands. They really have so much power in regulating hormones, as well as steroids, glucose, insulin, sex hormones using cholesterol to accomplish much of it and also produces cortisol and adrenaline which will impact the thyroid activity.

  • My blood work was taken at a lab at the request of my physician. It wasn't until after this that I started taking Naturthroid.

    Thank you for the video links. I will take the time to study these later today.

  • I had that reaction when I started nt. are you taking it in divided dosage half in the morning and half in the afternoon.....the body needs a chance to get use to that little bit of t3 rush.......I had to ease my way into nt. you can break the pill into 2 parts(halfs) and do this....after several days of doing this ...if you don't do better, then take just half a pill a day....amazing what just a little boost can do if you were already in normal range....hence you can always go back to two halfs a day in a week or two and see if that makes a difference.....also...but the hyper heated sweat feeling is too much too fast...( I am speaking of taking a 1/4 when I say halfs)

  • Thyroxine t4 free .90L

    T3, free 2.91pg/ml

    TSH 2.65

    Thyroglobulin antibody 15 iu/ml

    Thyroid peroxidase TPO AB 12

    T reverse 11.1

  • Do you have the ranges for those results? Did you do your own tests? Very nice to have four thyroid tests and even reverse.

    There is supposed to be a certain ratio of FT3 and reverse T3. This link will do it for you and explain. stopthethyroidmadness.com/r...

    This functional medicine doctor explains a variety of low thyroid symptoms and why. You don't have many antibodies but here is one about thyroglobulin.

  • I got that and it never did subside. I tried ndt on 3 separate occasions and it flared up my hashimotos terribly and heart racing, pounding hard, sweating, eventual raise in blood pressure, swelling, weight gain..hyper symptoms, acne, hair loss..it is poison to me.,

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