Cause of suddenly having dry mouth?

Hi everyone,

This website has been a great source of info for me, but I would like to ask a question about a recent issue. A few days ago I switched from taking my levothyroxine in the morning to taking it at bedtime. Coincidentally, when I got a repeat prescription for levothyroxine, I was given a different brand than normal (from Wockhardt to Actavis). I now suddenly experience a dry mouth, at night but during the day as well.

Has anyone had a dry mouth as a side effect to levothyroxine, or as a result from switching brands or changing the time of taking the meds?

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  • My pharmacist is always changing brands but reassures me it makes no difference at all. My mouth is permanently dry its horrid but have so many conditions I couldnt tell you whether its thyroid or not.

  • Hi Jennie

    I can make a BIG difference to some people! Sometimes people react to the different fillers.

    It may not affect you at all however! :-)



  • i deveopled a dry mouth but not from levo--- i have dry eyes-- they stream with water---- dry skin like a snake it sheds like asnake too, flaky a perfect snowstorm gets on my wick, legs are dry cracked, feet, i cant seem to keep water in my cells seen a rhemo- an dshe thinks it is all endocrine related. hav ethyroid an dadrenals too.

  • When my Sjogren`s disease started, a long time ago, the first symptom was dry throat, not really sore, like my skin was stuck together. Then my eyes became dry etc etc.


  • Thanks everyone. I was just reading the book Understanding Thyroid Disorders and it stated that different brands might have different tablet strengths, so they recommend staying on the same brand if possible. I did not know that!

    Also, I had some of my old brand left, which I took last night, and the dry mouth disappeared. I'll try the new brand tonight and if it returns I guess I'll ask to change back.

  • Info here about the different makes:



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