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Starting levothyroxine

I started on levothyroxine 2days ago, I'm getting really bad headaches, panic atacks and horrific nightmares is this common and will these systems go with time

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What dosage have you started on?

It is quite early to have any symptoms because it takes a few days usually for the Levo to get into the system. Having said that, we are all different and some are more sensitive than others to any fillers or binders in the tablets. It is common to start on about 25 mcg and then gradually increase until the thyroid levels are nearer 'normal' or until you start to feel better.


Yes I'm on 25mg


I'm intolerant to sodium maybe it's the filler but my gp says all thyroid medication has sodium in it


Your doctor is talking about levothyroxine which the British Thyroid Association says is the only licenced thyroid hormone to be prescribed in the UK.

Before this was introduced in (I believe) the late 50's early 60's we were given Natural Dessicated Thyroid Hormones made from pigs thyroid glands. Nowadays there is also an NDT made from New Zealand cows. This is a list but because NDT was a 'grandfathered' thyroid hormone replacement and didn't need a licence (first introduced in 1892) it can be prescribed on a 'named patient basis' in the UK but few doctors will prescribe as the BTA has made false statements about its effectiveness and some doctors have been struck off.


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I started 25mcg on Monday jowood and I've experienced some odd symptoms too, I've had a sort of pressure headache nausea feeling shivers and cold with cold extremities,feeling really tired most of the time with increased pain and stiffness from arthritis,



Just for an additional bit of feedback...

I felt absolutely dreadful after a couple of days and by day 5 was unable to get off the sofa, I went to a dark and miserbe place. By day 8 I felt like a huge weight had been lifted off my lungs, shoulders and throat and despite my constant grizzling, I feel soooo much better now than I did when I started 6 and 1/2 weeks ago.

As others have said we all have different response times, but I can honestly say that I am so very glad that I stuck with it and I'm looking forward to continuing my way to feeling normal again.

I hope that you start feeling improved very soon.



I started on 25mg 18 months ago and must admit I did get bad anxiety, really cold, frustrated and bad brain fog. But I held in there. Things didn't actually improve for me until I went to 100 mg. I have been taking that dose for 3 months now and I am a new women, still have bad days and stomach probs. But things do get better.

Just hold on there xx


What do you mean by stomach problems and do you think this is caused by the thyroid


I have pernicious anemia and need b12 injections and this can effect the stomach and I developed IBS x


what were your test results before meds


TSH... 77

FT4... 2.7

We're my blood results


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