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Helpful GP.........not

Hi all,

So 18 months into hypo treatment (very loose term),my GP tells me she can't help anymore and refers me to an endo (14 week wait) not being good at waiting I asked about having blood drawn at surgery so I could use private testing. It took 5 weeks for them to make a decision and then told me every blood sample was going to cost me £25. So to sum up my doctor had no idea what was wrong with me or how to treat it, I help her to help me for 18 months then for some reason she pushes me toward an endo who probably knows nothing either, so I try and help myself and get told they will help for money. Can't think why the NHS is in the mess it is.

Sorry rant over

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It would definitely be worth getting recommendations for Endos within your area. Many of them are diabetes specialists and will know little about the thyroid.

I can understand your disappointment with your GP, why on earth did she not refer you sooner?

As regards blood samples, you do know that some are finger prick tests? Info here:


You're right,very frustrating! I agreed with hubby to try the nhs first but over 10months since thyroid removed and I'm still suffering hypo symptoms. Got one more blood test today and then if that doesn't help I'm giving up on nhs and will take control myself. It's going to hurt financially but I'm sure the nhs will not mind that. Honestly I've been bit shocked, I know I've heard from my mum horror stories about her hypo treatment but I just thought she was unlucky and always defended nhs. Now I'm disillusioned, what's happened to the "scientific brains" ? there doesn't seem to be much though put in to aftercare, more a robotic response. Very sad.

I would say probably worth emailing Louise warville at Thyroid UK for list of recommended endo s in yr area. That's the route I'm heading down now . Wish you luck!


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