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TSH / Cortisol relationship - paper

I was hunting for info on how and if Hypothyroidism affects Cortisol levels and found this paper. I've been feeling weird with a racing heart the last few weeks and think that perhaps Cortisol is to blame. I am one of those unfortunates with a TSH over 2 but in range.

From the paper;

"these preliminary result suggest that a TSH >2uIU/L may be abnormal"

"These studies all taken together suggest a physiologic feedback loop where lower thyroid function increases cortisol, but cortisol feeds back to reduce TSH."

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Winegum2, sorry you've had no replies. TSH >2 can cause a racing heart and may also affect adrenals. It may be worth ordering a saliva cortisol test from Genova or Blue Horizon to check levels. Low ferritin/iron can also cause a racing heart and maybe worth testing.

Post the results in a new question and members will advise whether supplementation will be beneficial.


Disclaimer: I am not medically trained. My advice is based on my personal experience &/or research and is not given in my capacity as an Admin of Thyroid UK or endorsed by TUK. Information on the forum is not intended to be a substitute for medical guidance from your own doctor.


I had just found the same article as I was investigating the relationship.

I'm the same as you, hypothyroid symptoms, TSH over 3 but 'in range'.

I just posted my saliva test for cortisol/DHEA this morning. I expect that the result may explain why I am so ill but with a low TSH and hope this can persuade my GP at least in the short term!

I have never read so many medical research papers in my life... haha! :D

Very useful information in this study though :)


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