Ezra and weight gain

I have been on Efra for the last year and put on 28lbs which I am struggling to shift. I was on Armour previously but endo switch me to Efra as not available on NHS... I am just wondering if anyone else has had this problem and since being in Efra I have gone under Active. For months they stated I was normal until I complained and now I have been told I am underactive

Just wondering if this is anyone else's experience


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  • Nattyg30, Can you post recent thyroid results and ranges. It sounds as though you may be undermedicated.

    Your endo is able to prescribe Armour on the NHS on the same named patient basis s/he prescribes Erfa.

  • I find I need 3 grains to loose weight. So I would suggest you probably need a higher dose.

  • I think you may not be taking sufficient Erfa. Weight gain is common with underactive thyroid gland when you are not on an optimum of thyroid hormones. Many doctors are happy if our bloods are in 'the normal range' but it's not helpful for many of us. If you have a copy of your latest blood test results with the ranges post for comments.

    When getting a blood it should be at the earliest, fasting (you can drink water) and leave about 24 hours between your last dose of Erfa and the blood test - take it afterwards. Get a print-out of your blood tests with the ranges for your own records and you can post if you have a query.

    This is a link which may be helpful.


  • I'm sorry you are in a predicament. I believe if you cannot convert levothyroxine into T3 you would have to be on T3 only. The problem is will your doctor prescribe it or you will have to self-medicate. Becaue NDT contains T4 it wont do much good. Bearing in mind I'm not medically qualified but someone who is more knowledgeable till comment.

    I have no problem on T3 only and feel well.

  • Haven't there been lots of complaints about Erfa not working since the factory that made it was changed last year?

    Or did I just imagine that?

  • This is from STTM re complaints about Erfa last year.


  • Thank u for your replies

    Results are T4 10.1 and TSH 0.22 this is what was given to me....

  • Armour IS available on the NHS or my endo would not prescribe it!

  • The endo I says that it is not available at Weston hospital

  • Many Endos/doctors in the UK will not prescribe - in accordance with the BTA guidelines. Thankfully a few do so.

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