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I'm doing Pilates at the moment, doing through nhs physio as suffer bad back and my leg gets numb feeling yet I have to say it's not the pins n needles sensation but it's not because been doing Pilates as had this before started. I'm just wondering if this tired to thyroid if anyone else suffered like this.

My weight I was losing but seem to be back where I started.

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  • You may not be on sufficient thyroid hormones yet for you to be able to lose weight. Maybe you are low in Vitamin B12 re the numbness in your leg.


  • Maybe it's sciatica. Sounds like. A bloody misery if ever there is one.

  • Yes, some days are better than others

  • Have you thought about having a treatment for your whole body - positional release, ortho-bionomy, fascial release, body realignment? It might not be thyroid but emotional/mechanical.

  • I would say you are not on enough Levo if you are still suffering.

  • You really need to go back to the doctor and get another load of tests done. You will need your thyroid function test, serum iron, ferritin, folate, vitamin B12, vitamin D and preferably cortisol too. All these are typically low in patients with hypothyroidism and are worth checking. The reference ranges for some of them are very low. Ferritin is often best around 70-90, folate above 12 and vitamin B12 above 400 or 500 depending on units of measurement.

    Although your numb legs could be due to your back problems (sciatica, for example), it could be other things. This should really be looked into thoroughly in case you have some damage in the nerves from injury or inflammation. This kind of damage can also be caused by a vitamin B12 deficiency. I urge you to get the spine and B12 checked asap to be on the safe side. Numb legs are not normal! B12 deficiency can also lead to symptoms similar to hypothyroidism and problems losing weight.

    Iron and vitamin D are also important for you to be able to lose weight and maintain it. Vitamin D deficiency can also have an effect on the bones (including those in the spine) so it is important, in light of your back problems, to make sure this is optimal.

    Hopefully the symptoms are something that is easily rectified but please do see someone about it soon.

    Carolyn x

  • I'm being sent out an MRI scan appointment, for which takes time to come through. I had blood checked in July so I didn't need anniversary ones taken. I'm all new to this so I'm still learning. But thank you I shall try get appointment with the doctor who seems to know what he's doing but he's so popular in our surgery u can wait a while.

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