Hashimotos and wanted weight gain

Hi every one! I am wondering if any hashi or hypothyroid sufferers have experienced unwanted weight loss and how to fix it. At 163cm (5ft4 )and 43kg I am at my wits end. I am diagnosed hashi for 7yrs, Graves disease shortly after,fibromyalgia 5yrs and chronic fatigue. Bloods are in range the doctor says. I have gone gluten/soya free. If anyone knows any ways to gain and possibly keep on weight please share your experience!

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  • Oh and no appetite!

  • Gillyh, I sympathise. I've had little appetite and lost significant weight after starting Levothyroxine post thyroidectomy. I've managed to gain 2.5kg on two occasions when I've stopped taking Levothyroxine but it dropped off when I resumed it.

    Endo and MDT team recommended small frequent meals. It hasn't helped.

  • Thanks for the reply clutter,I suspected it was closely linked to the levo. The only luck I've had in 15yrs is when I tried an appetite stimulant/migrane medicine called Mosegor which is popular in the middle east. I gained 5kgs(I hadn't gained this much weight since pre hashi ) very quickly but unfortunately they stopped working after about 2 months.still searching for an answer, if I find one I'll share.


  • Gilly, I'm trying to eat more even if I'm not hungry and have easy to grab nibbles and fruit as I find it easy to 'go past' a hunger pang. Eating little and often probably does stimulate appetite a bit and luckily I love milk, cheese and biscuits which pack a calorie punch. My weight has stopped dropping and last time I weighed (Dec) hadn't increased either but my body is filling out a little so maybe it is creeping up.

  • I love dairy too but have read so many articles about the molecular structure of milk being that similar to our own tissue that it triggers an immune response and the thyroid catches "friendly fire". Have you ever tried eliminating it? Did you feel any different? I haven't been able to cut it out but have cut down...perhaps a rethink is in order

  • Gilly, I no longer have Hashi's since thyroidectomy and RAI so I don't have to eliminate foods for fear of thyroid being annoyed.

  • Clutter..your antibodies are normal now?

  • Faith, thyroglobulin and thyroglobulin antibodies are undetectable. I haven't specifically tested TPOab but don't see how they can be present without thyroglobulin.

  • Interesting..thank you. They must of gotten all thyroid tissue.

  • I was anorexic so I have experience of having to force yourself to eat. It sucks! I think however that your appetite is supressed because it doesn't know there's plenty of food around reliably. Once you eat regularly consistently, you will get hungry. It happened to me and then I couldn't stop, lol. I had to start on junk food crap because I couldn't digest anything else anyway, I ate pints of ice cream and cake and cookies. I don't eat that much crap now, I crave loads of veggies, bread, etc. My body knew what it needed! If you're on the fence about cows dairy, you could try goat's cheese or feta, they don't have the same inflammatory response in lactose intolerance so... Basically, you might have to set a timer and eat every couple hours for a while. Keep dried fruit, nuts, biscuits, snacks in your pocket. Some high calorie foods are avocado, nut butter, seeds, cheese, and carbs because it's easy to eat a ton of carbs and they're good for the thyroid. you may actually have to feel you're 'overeating' to begin with, to expand your stomach and boost your metabolism so you get hungry more. I still have skewed hunger signals, I often feel sick when really I'm hungry. It will pass! Good luck ♥

    Superparrot xx

  • Thank you so much for the advice you mentioned a few things I hadn't considerd before such as timing meals.thanks for that. Tried stretching my stomach with the previously mentioned medicine Mosegor which definitely worked but after 2 months my appetite disappeared again.I love that we have a community where we can share knowledge because between us I am pretty sure that we know more about our own conditions than our GP and even specialist.they really need to revise the test trials more abs conduct many more also. .I don't advise lyrica which my gp put me on add is a relatively new trial drug. Best wishes


  • Yes I think you're right - the trouble is, doctors are using outdated methods, not updating they're knowledge. They're essentially drug promoters these days. Meanwhile we're focused on health, not just patching up sickness! Glad I helped, best wishes xx

  • I get the same way (although I'm not that bothered about weight). I don't think it is the hypo, but low cortisol - that is, knackered adrenals. I'm a lot better since being on DHEA, but I still have days of nausea and no appetite. Have you tried some adrenal support (eg nutri adrenal or adrenergize) and meditation?

    Also, how's your B12? B12 can stimulate appetite so I can only assume that low B12 depresses ti.

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