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Unsure whether or not I should be treated?


I am 20 years old and am confused as to whether my thyroid needs treating.

So basically I have had my tft tests done (tsh and free t4) and the results came back as TSH- 4.5 and FreeT4- 16.3. However, I thought the TSH was higher than it should be so asked the doctor is there anything that can be done. They then told me to get the TPO test done. This came out at around 400. Today I went back after recieving the positive score and was told that the gp will keep an eye on me but also send me to an endocrinologist due to the high result.

Around the time I have the tft tests, I had my liver function tests and these came back as extremely high (4x higher than normal) and the specialist said he thinks I have non alcoholic fatty liver disease although I don't eat much fat in my diet.

Over the summer I have put on at least a stone by not eating much and at the speed of a snail.

Please help me, I am so confused :(

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Fatty liver is a carbohydrate (often fructose or sugar) problem not a fat problem (which is why the most usual kind is caused by alcohol). Can be a side effect of hypo or statins or another autoimmune problem (and you have high antibodies). With any luck, the endo should sort you out. You need to eat fat, esp saturated fat, as it is necessary to make hormones and absorb certain vitamins.

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Unexplained weight gain is a clinical symptom of hypothyroidism.. This is from When you get your results if you also get the ranges (the figures are in brackets) as labs differ throughout the UK and it makes it easier to comment.

A higher cholesterol is also a clinical symptom and this is a list.

On the above link on the left-hand side there are more dysfunctions of the Thyroid gland.


The ranges were

Tsh 0.3-5

Free T4- 11-24 (I think)


The TPO result indicates Hashimoto's disease I.e.hypothyroidism.


They don't seem to want to do anything about that result as the results keep coming back as 'normal' for the tft tests. I don't know what happens to free t4 with hashimotos- does it increase or stay within the range?


Good morning,

Seeing your oginal post was 2 months ago, Copy and paste your original question above with your results and insert the ranges (you can copy and paste them into the results and put it on a new post for more comments. Also put your TPO levels. I've just noticed that one of the links I gave you had a fault so this is a replacement and you can see that you should be treated, really due to your symptoms.

To copy and paste, click the down arrow and press edit and you can then then copy. Press edit response. Open a new post etc.

You also have antibodies and they should prescribe levothyroxine to try to damp them down. Also a gluten-free diet can also help diminish the antibodies.


Hi creepier, I'm sorry I can't be much help myself but if you can put your results on here I'm sure someone will be along soon to help.


My alkaline phos. is pretty high and I have lost count of the amount of times I have been asked if I am a drinker. How much do I drink. How often do I drink. I am lucky if I have 4 drinks a year. It really p3ss3s me off. Fatty liver.

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The endocrinologist said all my results were normal. So I don't know what is wrong anymore. It's really confusing to me.


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