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I posted on here a while back saying that my doctor was not taking my thyroid issue seriously. I took advice and saw another doctor who referred my to a hospital endo. Saw the endo on Friday and he said that my doctor should have started treating me ages ago as the above 10 rule is for symptomless cases. Anyway, he also examined my thyroid lump, and this is what worried me! He said that he didn't think it was a goitre but another type of mass close to the thyroid, not the thyroid itself. I am having an ultrasound and biopsy on 23rd Oct. I am hoping that if he thought it was anything sinister that would have been done earlier! Just wondered if anyone else had a lump near their thyroid and what was the outcome? Anything would be useful. Thanking you all in advance.

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That's good that you saw an Endo who knows what he's talking about and you will have confidence in him. The unnecessary suffering that people go through because many GPs don't have the training which is a pity. First because patients would be diagnosed more quickly than waiting for the TSH to rise and the patient given levothyroxine at the very least.

I hope you feel better very soon. I had an ultrasound on my thyroid gland but there was no problem.

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Hilhoop, he may have detected a nodule on the thyroid gland. Nodules >1.5-2cm are usually biopsied and guided via ultrasound scan.


Thanks for the info. He said it was very soft and I would guess it is about 3/4 cms across, which to me doesn't sound like a nodule, although I may be wrong. It does impede my swallowing however, I guess I will just have to wait for the scan. My treatment won't start until they have a full picture, including further blood test results.


He sounds to be doing the right thing so good. Try not to worry-I know that's easy to say but better that it's looked at. I had a huge lump which was pressing inwards so I was aware of it when swallowing. I was sent for a scan and then a fine needle biopsy. An awful lot of fluid was drawn off-in my nervous state I joked that I hoped it weighed a few stone! It turned out it was a harmless cyst and it never returned.


Thank you Silverfox7, much appreciated. The lump is very soft so could easily be a fluid filled cyst. It would be so lovely to be able to swallow without having the feeling of something stuck in it. I am actually looking forward to the scan etc so that I can look forward to feeling better!


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